Col. Baden-Powel

Aids to Scoutmastership

Col. Baden-Powel

"By doing so we may hope to take a useful part in bringing strength, both moral and physical, to the nation. But in developing natural aspirations there is always a danger of becoming too narrow and jealous of other nations. Unless we avoid this we bring about the very evil we are anxious to escape.

"Fortunately in the Scout Movement we have Brother Scouts organised in almost every civilised country in the world, and we have formed already the tangible nucleus of a World Brotherhood. And the potentialities of this are being supplemented by the wider development of the cooperative sister movement, the Girl Guides.

"In every country the purpose of the Scout's training is identical, namely, efficiency for service towards others; and with such an object in common, we can, as an International Brotherhood in Service, go forward and do far reaching work.

"In our training of the boy we develop the individual in both spirit and efficiency to be an effective player in his national team of citizenhood. Acting on the same principal in the case of a nation, we should try to develop the right spirit and efficiency for helping that nation to work effectively in the team of nations.

"If each, then, plays in its place, and "plays the game", there will be greater prosperity and happiness throughout the world, there will be brought about at last the conditions which has so long been looked for - of Peace and Goodwill among men."

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