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August 29, 1999

Ho-Sheng Hsiao
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The First Nighter Planning meeting for 1999 Aug 29

In attendence: Bill Schwnaitz, Neil Coplin, Ho-Sheng Hsiao. Location: Kingsdale Caribou Coffee (5PM)

We broke down the activities into three parts. Here's the next three meetings (at the church):

    1. Presentation at the Schools (rehersal) -- Aug 31
    2. First Nighter Rehersal -- Sep 7
    3. First Nighter -- Sep 14

Plus details on the flyers.

  • We have an outline of what we're going to say at the school Presentation. Neil should have a copy of it up on the reflector soon.

  • By Tuesday, we are likely to have the flyers we're passing off to the schools ready. This is so that by Wed, we have our package done. We'll then deliever these packages to the various schools that we've called up. So far, the school we have definate requests for these packets:

    • Thomas Worthington
    • Westerville South

    We're still waiting to get calls back from the other schools.

  • Our next meeting this Tuesday, we'll have a practice run through the school presentations. Details will be in the agenda posted tommorrow. The format would be an informal, almost question-answer type. (It's more comfortable than a speech, and a more interesting for the listeners).

  • Flyers: the ones we're handing off to school along with the Adventurer packet. We'll have a list of some of the technical topics we cover in our classes. The background will have blurred and faded Classified Ads for UNIX positions.

  • On our First Nighter Rehersal (Sep 7), Neil Coplin put forth that we should do everything just like at the First NIghter. This includes getting there early.

Neil Coplin:

Okay, here is what we acomplished during our meeting at Caribou today. We decided exactly what should be in the packets we give to the schools, and we created a more detailed outline of the presentation to the students at the schools.

What's in the packets:

  • 10 to 15 Flyers to post around the school
  • The 14pg. Compilation of the Adventure (the one Mr. Corder did)
  • Contact Information for whoever is contacting the school (so they can get in touch with you)

Our outline for the presentation at the schools:

  • Welcome
  • Ask Questions to get them engaged (who's been in scouting before? who likes computers?)
  • What we are: UNIX, Youth Mentoring, Real World Job preperation, Hands on experience, Our Machines.
  • What we've done: 90% Placement rate, Web Page, State Fair & Jr. Achievement, The Adventurer, Gotten ourselves out of debt
  • Our Future Plans: Going to Australia and New Zeland, Visiting the
  • Supercomputer Center, becoming the VOA for Simon Kenton Council
  • Group Question and Answer Session
  • Talk with the students individually and get their contact information/pass out brochures

These presentations shouldn't be more than 20 minutes, not including individual talk time afterwards. We were also thinking about getting some munchies that we would bring out after the presentation to encourage the students to stay and talk and ask questions. Also, try to look for other places in the presentation to ask questions (such as for the Adventurer, "Who wants to be famous?"). We want this presentation to be as interactive as possible

Ho-Sheng Hsiao:

Neil had started off with the "future plans" article. Let's take it a step further. Each of us officers should write some sort of a blurb each month, concerning whatever it is we are doing in our roles as officers. "future plans" looks good for this month. Next month, it would be something else -- short-term objectives ... Neil could do something about service projects coming up next month ... Bill could write about planning a trip to a COPE course ... I could do something about the mini-project in updating sections of the web page. Whatever. Basically, our Crew activities stated as facts.

The reason? Get writing -- err, let's call it documenting -- on the Newsletter as a "routine" concept, rather than the traumatic "End of the monnth, oh NO, I have to write an article!" type of a concept.

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