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September 5, 1999

Ho-Sheng Hsiao
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At the end of the meeting, we will have addressed the following issues:

  • Update plan

    When do we:

    • call the youths -- day before First Nighter
    • mail out invitations -- Thrs of this week
    • present to the classes
    • accept applications
  • Presentation

    Mostly, print out Neil Coplin's list and expand it. Also, the officers should have an outline of what they will say when they arrive at the meeting.

  • Equipment

    • Answer these questions: how many? where do we put them? Who sets them up?
    • Tables -- 4 tables
    • Demonstration computers -- State Fair computer displays
    • Whiteboard -- won't need this, but will need dry erase markers
    • Chairs (and chair arrangements) -- auditorium seating
    • Sign up sheet and pen -- Bill will create a spreadsheet and bring the pen. Spreadsheet includes the fields: name, grade, school, email, phone, street address, zip
    • Applications -- Bill will pick it up on Tuesday.
    • First Nighter Brochures

      1. Schedule for night
      2. contact
      3. Uniform -- Call scout shop, get uniform costs
      4. registration
      5. book
    • Demo books, scrapbook -- display at State Fair
    • Munchies -- More pop. Otherwise, we have enough in the cooler.
    • Dry erase markers

  • Who is going to show up? This includes our current Crew.

    Cannot get commitments from anyone but the officers. So the roles we assign during First Nighter will center around the officers. If there's more people, great.

  • 3-month calender / agenda

    What do we do after First Nighter?

    • Second Nighter -- Collect money, applications. Detailed arrangement with Uniforms (call up scout shop and tell them to expect X number of people with a certain uniform size). Explain about patrols. We discussed having officers and patrol leader being required to write an article at least once a month, and ended up tabling it.
    • Third Nighter -- Nominations for patrol leaders
    • Money

      What if someone brings money?

    • Uniforms

      • Long, beige pants
      • and clean!
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