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September 7, 1999

Ho-Sheng Hsiao
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In attendence:
James D. Corder, Andrew P. Drake, Lee Orrick
Neil Coplin, Jason Cunningham, Ho-Sheng Hsiao, Bill Schwanitz, Jack Trout

Today, we ran through our First Nighter and prepared the room layouts. In addition,

  • We looked at the current status for our recruiting efforts. This lead to a talk about completing projects in the workplace.

  • We practiced our speeches. At the end, this included pointers on leading off to the next speaker, posture, volume control, use of gestures, and techniques for preparing for speeches.

  • We created a checklist for the First Nighter

    1. Flyers, agendas, handouts -- must be nicely printed out and ready for First Nighter.
    2. Table Skirts -- We need two of black or two of white.
    3. Print out the checklist and bring it to First Nighter
    4. Put away excess equipment in the room. This means extra tables, chairs, coats, wires, ...
    5. Determine how many people are coming, and bring out seats for 90% of that.
    6. Geto the American Flag and the Scouting Flag.
    7. Placement of people, including blocking the entrance to the storage room, having someone up at the front end of the room.
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