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October 12, 1999

Ho-Sheng Hsiao
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The lecture this week was on the History of UNIX.

Mr. Corder has recieved a mailing list of 85 potential members. The list is two years old, so we're looking at getting it to about 50. Due to this, we're doing another Open House.

  • Neil Coplin and Nathaniel Graham will write the letters we're sending out. A draft will hit the mailing list on Sat. Correspondence, as usual, has to go through the committee, but we should also add in youth peer review too. The final will be available at the next Tuesday meeting.
  • Ho-Sheng Hsiao will write the letter to the Suburban newspapers. Again, a draft will be available on Sat. The idea is to mention who has gone to which college, and who we've placed professionally. By the way, we have this Open House ...
  • The setup and demo is the same as the State Fair. We know the routine. Nick Carter mentioned that it would have impressed him more if he had been able to get on and interacted with the machines.
  • We'll need to stuff some envelopes, too.
  • We'll need more articles. Bill Schwanitz has called out to the youth members to write about how the Crew has helped them, changed their life, etc.
  • The Open House will be set for Nov. 2nd. Hey, that means we have under three weeks to pull this off
Another issue was with the grades. As been stressed before, the grades look dismal. However, there's a couple key points:
  • Reply or and editing of an article counts towards an actual article ... the purpose behind articles is technical documentation. Peer review consist a vital part of this. Note: since we have a special edition being sent out to the postal mailing list, articles that stands on its own is definately good ...
  • Tours to places like the Ohio Supercomputing Center will be held for the Crew. However, that's dependent on if the whole Crew does the work.
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