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October 16, 1999

Ho-Sheng Hsiao
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In attendence: Neil Coplin, Ho-Sheng Hsiao, Bill Schwanitz

During Venturing Day, we had the opportunity to canoe around the private pool in the demonstration area, climb the climbing wall, saw the finer points of backpacking, and participated in a GPS demonstration.

The GPS demonstration was not complete because, while we were able to complete the first part of our Venturing requirement, we still have to "find a fixed location during night".

After conferring, we thought of setting up a course during the book-binding campout. Mr. Orricks mentioned a possibility that we can get a hand-held GPS system donated to us. If that is the case, we can create the course during the Friday or Saturday of camp, and at night, follow the course.

On another note: we stayed for the VOA meeting. Unfortunately, there were a total of 3 Crews who participated, of which Venturing Crew 369 was the largest. Contact information were established, and a VOA meeting was tentatively set for the third Wed. of December. Perhaps the VOA will get its act together. In the meantime, we get ours together too.

Next meeting:
We will talk a bit more about the camping trip as well as the new recruiting effort. The next trip will cost, in food $20.00, bringing the total to $40.00 for 3 nights.

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