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November 2, 1999

Ho-Sheng Hsiao
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James D. Corder, Andrew P. Drake, Lee Orricks, S. Potter
Mrs. Carter, Dr. Cunnyngham
Nick Carter, Neil Coplin, Aaron Croyle, Jason Cunnyngham, Ian C., Carl Faulstich, Nathaniel Graham, Mark Hamilton, Ho-Sheng Hsiao, Daniel Morris, Nathan Oyler, James Scherer, Bill Schwanitz.


Open house! We had another open house. However, with the weather, there were likely those interested in a program who were not interested in driving through freezing rain.

There were suggestions to get to the schools closer to the Church, and schedule another open house in two weeks or so. The other side of the coin is the persistant recruiting and open house would cut in a tad too much into the technical modules. We'll try for another one. We're going for a less formal approach. This next one would happen after a few lessons into our core technical course. Being close to this year's goal of 25 students, though, we're going for it. Ho-Sheng Hsiao has talked with Neil Coplin, Mark Hamilton, Aaron Croyle, and Nathan Oyler. There is two stages: setting up a presentation time, and the actual presentation at the school. The names listed above are OSU students The concept is that the students have the best opportunity to reach the high school teachers during the day. However, anyone is more than welcomed to help.

Also, there is a need for our next camping trip for November 19th. We now have access to a booklet with food ideas, and Mr. Corder and Mark Hamilton for experience. There's going to be a sample menu passed on the Reflector for comment. Final decision will be at the planning meeting this Thursday, Kingsdale Caribou Coffee at 18:00. We will also detail out the recruiting effort.


I handed $215.00 to Mr. Corder. There's $10.00 but not available as cash (due to a non-functional ATM card). That will arrive at the next meeting, perhaps to get some munchies.

On the table

  • Recruitment:

    Mentioned is the pattern of recruitment we are falling into. We do recruiting in spurts and chunks, planning for a open house three weeks in advance, and doing multiples of them.

    One proposal is to set a date when to start planning. Since our pattern is mostly in the fall, and sometime spring, we may as well have a year-round eye towards membership. Rather than scrambling to get things together, we extend the planning and execution time.

  • Camping:

    There were concerns about overbuying the food. However, the pattern is roughly similar to any planning of camp. At least no one starved. The first time usually is a gross over-estimate. Despite that, we had half the youth membership attend. The next time around will be much closer.

  • GPS:

    The Crew wants a GPS. Mr. Corder has a specific model in mind. Ultimately, we'll make a GPS course during summer camp.

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