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August 8, 1999

Ho-Sheng Hsiao
My Web Page


James D. Corder, S. Potter
Nick Carter, Aaron Croyle, Niel Coplin, Jason Cunnyngham, Ian C. Bryan Fierst, Nathaniel Graham, Mark Hamilton, Ho-Sheng Hsiao, Ethan Metsger, Daniel Morris Bill Schwanitz, James Scherer, Jack Trout


We learned our basic UNIX commands today. This is the basic command-argument lesson. Other announcements include:

    We're sending a contingent there. There's a good balance of both days.

  • Church Spegetti Lunch

    In full uniform, we're going to thank the Church for letting us use the facilities. We got a head count of the people who are going.

  • Camping trip

    Food and menu were lightly discussed. Nothing substantial done, yet.

On the table

Program section of web page. This is done in three parts:
  1. Proposed Site Map - this is the structure. Very important if we want to keep the site well organized, translating into better navigation down the road.
  2. JPEG Mockup - this is a graphical template. This whole thing is done on a graphics editor.
  3. HTML translation of Mockup - once we've completed the Mockup, we cut up the graphics chunks and turn them into an HTML table with the graphics.
  4. Content writing - we use the templates to redo the Program section of our site. At any of these stage, feel free to add in the input.
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