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November 13th, 1999

Ho-Sheng Hsiao
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Gentlement's Club:

James D. Corder, S. Potter
Neil Coplin, Jason Cunnyngham, Nathaniel Graham, Ho-Sheng Hsiao


We arrived through traffic at Olive Garden where we had a great time. Most of it was spent gabbing and talking about what we plan for the future. We did not have a whole lot planned afterwards, but we decided to go watch Inspector Gadget at the Carriage Place down-road from the Olive Garden.

There, we arrived an hour early. To pass some time, we played the video games. Neil and Hosh started on the "Gauntlet Legends". Jason joined in later on. Eventually, we had a crowd looking mesmerized at the screen.

We started talking about getting a video arcade to go with our new building.

Inspector Gadget looked as good as it's trailers. We slipped into the theater with no one in it. It would have been funny if we were the only ones watching the show. (We weren't).

It was a great evening spent. We hope that there will be more joining us next month.

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