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November 23rd, 1999

Ho-Sheng Hsiao
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James D. Corder, Dr. J Cunnyngham, Andy P. Drake, Lee Orrick, S. Potter
Nicholas R. Carter, Neil A. Coplin, Aaron M. Croyle, Ian C., Jason Cunnyngham, Nathaniel P. Graham, Mark C. Hamilton, Ho-Sheng Hsiao, Tom Lowers, Jason McCoullough, Ethan E. Metsger, Daniel Morris, Nathan Oyler, James J. Scherer, Bill Schwanitz, Derek Storvik, Jack Trout


We took the Engineering test. As a warm-up, we took the "Explorer" test.

The following have earned new cords:

  • White Cord
    • (45) Nicholas R. Carter
    • (75) Ian C.,
    • (15) Mark C. Hamilton
    • (00) Daniel Morris
    • (36) Nathan Oyler
    • (56) James J. Scherer
  • Red Cord
    • (117) Neil A. Coplin
    • (093) Aaron M. Croyle
    • (084) Jason Cunnyngham
    • (096) Ethan E. Metsgar
    • (081) Jack D. Trout, III
  • Blue Cord
    • (198) Nathaniel P. Graham
    • (186) Bill Schwanitz

Also, Derrek Storvick earned a 42, Jason McCoullough earned a 69, and Ho-Sheng Hsiao earned a 174.

Congradulations, all.

We originally planned to have a session on goal setting after the Engineering test. We had too much fun with the test.

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