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November 30th, 1999

Ho-Sheng Hsiao
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James D. Corder, Andy P. Drake, Lee Orrick, S. Potter
Nicholas R. Carter, Neil A. Coplin, Aaron M. Croyle, Nathaniel Graham, Mark C. Hamilton, Ho-Sheng Hsiao, Stephen Kazakov, Daniel Morris, Nathan Oyler, Bill Schwanitz, Jack Trout, Nabeel Yousef


This week, we have the honor of listening to Steve Romig speak. Mr. Romig is the chief of information security at the Ohio State University. In addition to our one and a half-hour talk, some of us stuck around to nearly two o'clock in the morning to hear all the interesting stuff Mr. Romig and Mr. Corder were talking about.

Mr. Romig's talk focused on computer forsenics and some new tools. When an operating system removes a file, traces are left on the harddrive. Some filesystems lends itself to recovering those "erased" files. Others, like UNIX-based ones, are a little more difficult. Mr. Romig talked about a nearly- released software, unrm which pulls out all the "erased" files (from unallocated blocks), and lazarus which identifies the type of files.

During munchie time,

Upcoming Events

  • This Friday, December 3rd at 18:00, all eligible for Gentlemen's Club meet at the Dublin Red Lobstor for dinner. We will be seeing Toy Stories 2 afterwards.
  • St. Steven's: Every year, we volunteer at St. Steven's to sort food for 3000 families, and toys for children. This year, the dates are Saturday, December 18th and Wednesday, December 22nd.
  • Christmas Party on the December 21st meeting. We will be merging with the troops. We will also have a gag gift exchange. Start finding some computer junk you can turn into a gag gift.
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