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December 17th, 1999

Ho-Sheng Hsiao
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James D. Corder, S. Potter, Lee Orrick
Suhasini Aswath, Nicholas R. Carter, Neil A. Coplin, Aaron M. Croyle, Ian C., Jason Cunnyngham, Bryan P. Fierst, Nathaniel P. Graham, Ho-Sheng Hsiao, Stephan Kazakov, Daniel Morris, Bill Schwanitz, Jack Trout
Heather Ward


The main talk for today was setting goals. We went over SMART goals, then acting on it. The challenge for today is to write down the 50 things you want, and 50 things you want to be, achieve, or become.

Other announcements include:

  • Gentlemen's and Ladies' Club will be going on a tour of the OSU Supercomputing facilities, on the 21st of December.
  • This month's issue of the Adventurer is what the Crew has done for you.
  • The beginning and intermediate courses are no longer technically referred as the "White Course" and the "Red Course". These are the UNIX for Programmers and Perl 5. This is because we will have first-year Red Cords taking parts of the entry course.
  • The Greenbar, Owl, and Hawk patrols have now been formed. Leadership positions are available today. Start thinking about who you want to elect for Patrol Leader. This will be a great responsibility, as the Patrol Leader will be working with the officers on activities, events, and such.

Finally, we will have to handle a second court of honor. The estimated cost-per-head is $20.00 to rent out a private place. We're expecting at least 15 participants, each bringing 1 guest. That takes it to around 30 participants, or a $600.00 catering budget.

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