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December 14th, 1999

Ho-Sheng Hsiao
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James D. Corder, Lee Orrick, S. Potter
Suhasini Aswath, Nick Carter, Neil Coplin, Jason Cunnyngham, Nathaniel Graham, Ho-Sheng Hsiao, Stephen Kazakov, Daniel Morris, Bill Schwanitz, Jack Trout, Heather Ward, Nabeel Yousef


We had a UNIX class today about filesystems and basic ed commands.

We were able to set up the room in 15 minutes. Three cheers!

Looking ahead, we will have 16 Perl books and 7 Basic UNIX books made, courtesy of Nathaniel Graham.

Perl Books Basic UNIX books
  • James D. Corder
  • Andy Drake
  • Lee Orrick
  • Erica Orrick
  • S. Potter
  • -
  • Neil Coplin
  • Aaron Croyle
  • Jason Cunnyngham
  • Nathaniel Graham
  • Ho-Sheng Hsiao
  • Tom Lowers
  • Ethan Metsgar
  • Bill Schwanitz
  • Jack Trout
  • Suhasini Aswath
  • Nicholas Carter
  • Mark Hamilton
  • Stephan Kazakov
  • Heather Ward
  • Nabeel Yousef
  • There are only a handfull of first-year Red cords. The officers and the first-year Reds prefer a seminar for the next camping trip.

    Upcoming Events

    Book Binding Weekend

    Jan 28th-31st (last weekend of the month). For those without books, you will definiately want to be here. We will also go through the first-level leadership modules.

    St. Stevens

    We will be sorting toys or food for 3000 families.

    On the table

    As usual, the Advisors have the veto.

    Venturing Crew 369 Court of Honor

    Tenatively set for the evening (7:30 - 9:00) on the Saturday after the Troop Court-of-Honor. We are looking towards a pizzaria who usually rents out an entire room to organizations.

    However, this is a special event. Though the pizzaria is nice, there are nicer places to hold our Court of Honor. What we're looking for is a resturant or food-place where we can close the door, and give out the awards.

    Patrol Elections

    The patrols has been formed. Looking towards the future as a Patrol Leader? Start planning for an election on the first or second meeting of Jan.
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