CyberSpace Jamboree!

The World Scouting CyberSpace Jamboree

Scouting CyberSpace Jamboree 1 was in Columbus, Ohio March 27, 1993
Scouting CbyerSpace Jamboree 2 was in Columbus, Ohio 1994
The World Scouting CyberSpace Jamboree WSCJ 1, SCJ 3 Columbus, Ohio USA & PERTH WA Australia 1995

The CyberSpace Jamboree on CompuServe began as a part of the first Scout Show in the new Simon Kenton Council [Columbus, Ohio USA] Some 15,000 Scouts and Scouters in the Ohio Vally where comming together to celebrate the future of Scouting and the "new" council... Several Older councils merged into one.

The theme for the Scout Show was:
Scouting the bridge to the future.

Truly we did not expect the responce that we received: We set up a a 30' x 70' "CompuServe Explorer Post" display. Their Post was so new that USMC John A. Mailton volunteered the Defense Contruction Supply Center (DCSC) Explorer Post to help run the event... The AT&T Explorer Post was there... Bettel's... LCI's... Sun's... It was an electronic flurry of Explorer Posts:-)

LCI had free long distance calls around the world to other Scouts.
Sun had free video Conferences through the InterNet.
Sparc hooked to ISDN back to Sun utilizing the "ShowMe" software.
AT&T showed UNIX
Bettel is a research institute...

There where many Explorer Posts there, not to mention the Troops & Packs:-)
The event was GRAND...

The usage of CompuServe was to be just in the Outdoor Forum and only a few units, not attending the Scout Show, where invited. However, it went bigger than that. When Scouts around the country heard what we where doing, they all started to join in. The line to join in on the Scouting Cyberspace Jamboree was several hours long...

At the Scouting... A Worldwide Bridge To the Future Scout Show 93:

Mark, Sun Rep and James D. Corder, Chairman of Tech Section
Youth talkint to Australia at the First Cyber Space Jambore
Group Shot of the 1993 Scout Show
The 1993 Scout Show Patch
Toshi Amino (Event Chairman) and James D. Corder (Tech Chairman) A thank you to James D. Corder from Toshi Amino
  • Using Computers To Communicate and Teach:

    • Though it was only to be local, the Scouting CyberSpace Jamboree featured Scouts with electronic messages and pen pal from Japan, Australia, London and other cities around the world.
    • Scouts tested their knowledge about drugs by playing "Drugs Are A Deadly Game."

  • Display Area:

    The entrance to the area had Youth checking to see if the Scout had already been trained or not. If they had taken the "Usage" training on the appropreate manners neccessary to participate the Scout would be given a number and go to the queueing area. If the Scout had not yet received their training s/he would go to the training area. Upon successful compleation of the training the Scout would receive a stamp that would allow them to skip that section and go straight to the queue.

    We provided Sun MicroSystems with a white backdrop for the video conferences. This cut down on the network traffic. We had an ISDN link back to their local office then used their privet T1 network around the world and to the InterNet. The Sun display was well received. Youth not only where able to take part in video teleconfrences but also, they received printouts of themselves and also their forign counterparts.

    Timmers where utlized so that each Scout would have equal access to the network. When their time was up they would have to leave or go to the end of the queue.

  • Training Area:

    All training classes where less than (5) minutes. The goal of the class was to discuss the use of the equipment and remind them that a Scout is Clean. Since we had sixteen communication stations the trianing area housed sixteen Scouts.

  • Drug Abuse PCs:

    These Personal Computers where placed on different height pedestals so different aged Scouts could walk up and use the computers while standing.

  • CompuServe Connection:

    Personal Computers where used for terminals. Some of the Computers had Flat Panel LCD Displays attached to them. The displyas where placed on an overhead projector and viewed by the audience on large screens.

    "Moderators" where appointed to maintain the quality of the conference. Any youth using profain language was instantly removed.

    It took approximetly (40) Scouts to man the booth. (15) CompuServe Floor Captains, (3) Sun Floor Captians, (12) Drug Prevention Personal Computer Instructors, Crowd Control, Traininers: The Explorer Scouts worked in three/one hour shifts. That gave each youth two hours between their shifts to visit other exhibits at the Scout Show The bulk of the needed youth came from the DCSC Explorer Post.

  • Using Ham Radio Clubs to Communicate & Serve:

    • Ham Radio Scout Units within Ohio.
    • Ham Radio Scout Units in Adjacent States.
    • Ham Radio Scout Units in United Sates.
    • Ham Radio Scout Units Around The Wold.
    On-site units offered hands on activiites for Scouts to hear communication with other Scouts around Ohio, The United States, and the World.

  • Calling All Scouts! Worldwide!

    LCI provided two phone lines and arranged to offer direct dial service to London, Japan, Australia, plus Columbus' Sister Cities.

    Interpreters where provided. A schedule posted of countries and Troops that where called, along with a picture of the Troop. Scouting activiities and projects where discussed along with information on the cities themselves.

  • Scouting moves to the Television Age:

    (So You Always Wanted To Be On TV!)

    This was a very exciting and participatory project. Simply stated it let Scouts learn and participate in what was required to put on a (5) minute local television newcast. The closed circuit television program on a special Scout news, weather, sport set was donated by the local News Station WSYX Chanel 6 with pooled equipment, switchers and lights.


      Anchor - Coordinates, leads Troop, and does Scout news around world. 2 minutes.

      Sports - Covers Scouting activiity in sports, Scout Show, and special events. around the world. 1 minute.

      Weather - Covers Weather in Japan, Australia, London, and six sister cities plus Columbus. 1 minut

      Commentary: 1 minute.

        Topic A: "What Scouting Means To Me"
        Topic B: "What I learnd From This Worldwide Scouting Scout Show 93"

      Anchor - Closing Story - features Scout from overseas Visiting Columbus on wet with message from his Troop to Columbus.

    Four programs per hour where telecast with four different Scout Troops News Teams. The teams where selected in advance by sign up and an audition. There where 24 teams.

    Each team received one practice period preceeding the live telecast of the show. Parents where encouraged to tape if they wish.

    The best taped team was broadcast to Ohio during the "real" 6:00 news.

    The second CyberSpace Jamboree was planned to go national, it went global.

    The third was the first we planned on going global... Therefore, we called it the 1st World Scouting CyberSpace Jamboree (WSCJ). In fact we only made 137 patches... We thought that would be enough. We opened with Senator John Glenn, follwed by the Govenor of Ohio Follwed by the Premier of WA:-) We where in over 150 cities around the world. We know of 14 countries... It was bigger than we expected:-)

    There where only 137 World Scouting CyberSpace Jamboree patches made. They where distributed at the 1995 17th Australian Jamboree in Perth.

    1995 Cyberspace Jamboree would not have been possible if not for Mark Gaynor in Perth!

    Other activities that went on at the 93 Scout Show!

    Oarder of te Arrow, Scout Shop, Activities Committee, State Fair Committee, OSU Football Ushering, Boy Scout Summer Camp, Day Camp, Cub Resident Camps, Advancement Committee, NESA/Eagle Scouts, Executive Board, Training Committee, Woodbadge, Showando, Youth Protection, Boys' Life, Relationshsips: Catholoic Committee, Jewish Committee, Protesent Committee, Baptist Committee, Camping Committee, Exploring Committee, Commissioners, Communications, Sustaining Membership/Finance, High Adventure, In-School/Learning for life, Maple Sugar Festival, Nagatamen, Philmont, Popcorn, Operation Feed, Membership Committee, Salvation Army, Recognitions/Awards, Committee, Women's Board, United Ways, Department of Youth Services, Blackfoot/Okama...
    Explorer Post 369 in action, creating New UNIX System Administrators!

    Copyright 1997 Boy Scouts of America, Simon Kenton Council, Explorer Post 369

    Last modified: February 8, 1997

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