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The Bear Cub Achievements

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(do one of the following)
    Ways we worship - Practice your religion as you are taught in your home, church, synagogue, mosque, or other religious community.

    Emblems of faith - Earn the religious emblem of your faith.


(do three of the following)


    The past is exciting and important - Do 3 of the following.

    • Visit your library or newspaper office. Ask to see back issues of newspapers or an almanac.
    • Find someone who was a Cub Scout a long time ago. Talk with him about what Cub Scouting was like then.
    • Start or add-to an existing pack scrapbook.
    • Trace your family back through your grandparents or great grandparents; or, talk to a grandparent about what it was like when they were younger.
    • Find out some history about your community.
    • Write in a journal for 2 weeks.

    What's cooking? - Do 4 of the following.

    • With an adult, bake cookies.
    • With an adult, make snacks for the next den meeting
    • Prepare one part of your breakfast, one part of your lunch, and one part of your supper.
    • Make a list of the 'junk' foods you eat. Discuss "junk" food with your parent or teacher.
    • Make some trail food for a hike. (New for 1998)
    • Make a dessert for your family.

    Family fun - Do BOTH of these requirements.

    • Go on a trip with members of your family. (See handbook for ideas.)
    • Have a "family-make-and-do" night.

    Be ready! - Do the first 4; the last one is recommended, but not required.

    • Tell what to do in case of accident in the home. A family member needs help. Someone's clothes catch on fire. (See handbook)
    • Tell what to do in case of a water accident. (See handbook)
    • Tell what to do in case of a school bus accident. (See handbook)
    • Tell what to do in case of a car accident. (See handbook)
    • Have a health checkup by a physician (optional).

    Family outdoor adventure - Do 3 of the following.

    • Go camping with your family.
    • Go on a hike with your family.
    • Have a picnic with your family.
    • Attend an outdoor event with your family.
    • Plan your outdoor family day.

    Saving well, spending well - Do 4 of the following.

    • Go grocery shopping with a parent or other adult member of your family. Compare prices of different brands of the same item. Check the prices at different stores. Read the ads in your newspaper.
    • Set up a savings account.
    • Keep a record of how you spend money for 2 weeks.
    • Pretend you are shopping for a car for your family.
    • Discuss family finances with a parent or guardian.
    • Play a board game with your family that involves the use of make-believe money.
    • With an adult, figure out how much it costs for each person in your home to eat one meal.


(do four of the following)

    Ride right - Do requirement a and THREE more. (Total of 4)

    • Know the rules for bike safety. If your town requires a bicycle license, be sure to get one. (See handbook for rules.)
    • Learn to ride a bike, if you haven't by now. Show that you can follow a winding course for 60 feet doing sharp left and right turns, a U-turn, and an emergency stop.
    • Keep your bike in good shape. Identify the parts of a bike that should be checked often.
    • Change a tire on a bicycle.
    • Protect your bike from theft. Use a bicycle lock.
    • Ride a bike for 1 mile without rest, and be sure to obey all traffic rules.
    • Plan and take a family bike hike.

    Games, Games, Games! - Do 2 of the following.

    • Set up the equipment and play any two of these outdoor games with your family or friends.
    • Backyard Golf
    • Badminton
    • Croquet
    • Sidewalk Shuffleboard
    • Kickball
    • Softball
    • Tether ball
    • Horseshoes
    • Volleyball
    • Play two organized games with your den.
    • Select a game your den has never played. Explain the rules. Tell them how it is played, then play it with them.

    Building muscles - Do ALL of the following.

    • Do physical fitness stretching exercises. Then do sit-ups, push-ups, the standing long jump, and softball throw.
    • With a friend, compete in at least six different two-person contests. (See handbook for examples.)
    • Compete with your den or pack in the crab relay, gorilla relay, 30-yard dash, and kangaroo relay.

    Information, please - Do requirement a and THREE more of the following.

    • With an adult in your family, select a TV show. Watch it together.
    • Play a game of charades at your Den meeting or with your family at home.
    • Visit a newspaper office, or TV or radio station and talk to a news reporter.
    • Use a computer to get information. Write, spell check, and print out a report on what you learned. (Revised for 1998)
    • Write a letter to a company that makes something you use. Use E-mail or the US Postal Service. (Revised for 1998)
    • Talk with one of your parents or another family member about how getting and giving facts fits into his or her job.

    Jot it down - Do 5 of the following.

    • Make a list of the things you want to do today. Check them off when you have done them.
    • Write two letters to relatives or friends.
    • Keep a daily record of your activities for 2 weeks.
    • Write an invitation to someone.
    • Write a story about something you have done with your family.
    • Write a thank-you note.
    • Write about the activities of your den.

    Shavings and chips - Do ALL of the following.

    • Know the safety rules for handling a knife.
    • Show that you know how to take care of and use a pocketknife.
    • Make a carving with a pocketknife. Work with your parent or den leader in doing this.
    • Earn the "Whittling Chip" card.

    Sawdust and nails - Do ALL of the following.

    • Show how to use and take care of four of these tools. (See handbook.)
    • Build your own tool box.
    • Use at least two tools listed in requirement 'a' to fix something.

    Build a model - Do 3 of the following.

    • Build a model from a kit.
    • Build a display for one of your models.
    • Pretend you are planning to change the furniture layout in one of the rooms in your home.
    • Make a model of a mountain, a meadow, a canyon, or river.
    • Go see a model of a shopping center or new building that is on display somewhere.

    Make a model of anything - a rocket, boat, car, or plane.

    Tying it all up - Do 5 of the following.

    • Whip the ends of a rope.
    • Tie a square know, bowline, sheet bend, two half hitches, and a slip knot. Tell how each knot is used.
    • Learn how to keep a rope from tangling.
    • Coil a rope. Throw it, hitting a 2-foot square marker 20 feet away.
    • Learn a magic rope trick.
    • Make your own rope. (Se handbook for ideas!)

    Sports, Sports, Sports - Do ALL of the following.

    • Learn the rules and how to play three team sports.
    • Learn the rules and how to play two sports in which only one person is on each side.
    • Take part in one team and one individual sport.
    • Watch a sport on TV with a parent or some other member of your family.
    • Attend a high school, college, or professional sporting event with your family or your den.

    Be a Leader - Do 3 of the following.

    • Help a boy join the Cub Scouts, or help a new Cub Scout through the Bobcat trail.
    • Serve as a denner or assistant denner.
    • Plan and conduct a den activity with the approval of your den leader.
    • Tell two people they have done a good job.

      Leadership means choosing a way even when your choice is not liked  

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