Boy Scouts of America, Bronze Big Horn Award
Bronze Big Horn
Bronze Bighorn Award
The Big Horn is a sure-footed mountain sheep and is the only animal in the world that climbs to the highest points in the world while still remaining on the ground.

The Central Regional Explorer Cabinet felt that this is symbolic of many individuals involved in Exploring. They, therefore, developed and instituted this award to recognize both youth and adults, who have held the highest ideals and purposes, and have climbed to Exploring's greatest heights while still remaining sure-footed in their actions in working for the betterment of the program.


1. The Candidate must have been involved in Exploring as an Explorer or an adult for at least one year.
2. The candidate must have held some position/office in the unit or on the council level.
3. The candidate must have shown exceptional dedication and given outstanding service and/or leadership to the Exploring Program and to youth on the unit and/or council level.

Note: Council service is not mandatory for eligibility. Outstanding unit service is sufficient.

Application Information
Bronze Big Horn recommendation for:                               Date:_________

________________________________________________________            Age:________
(Full name -correct middle initial and correct spelling)



Business or Profession: (give title, name of company; if student, give school)



Nominee is currently serving in Exploring as:___________________________________

Chartering Organization:___________________________________________Post #:______

Registered in Exploring as:                               ______Youth _____Adult

Why?_______________________________________________________  _____Not Registered

Years (tenure) in Exploring Program (as youth and/or Adult):

Positions held in Exploring and length of service:______________________________




Other involvement in Exploring: ________________________________________________





School, community, church, or other organizations involved in, 

and positions held (include length of service): ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ Special awards or recognitions received in Exploring, Scouts, others: ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________

  • In 200 words or less, explain the reason why you feel the candidate qualifies for the Bronze Big Horn Award (use a separate sheet please).
  • Additional Pertinent supporting data may be submitted with this recommendation including letters of recommendation.

Note: This recommendation is confidential. To avoid possible disappointment, it may be wise not to advise the candidate in any way or your action on his/her behalf.

Nominator's Name ________________________________________ Phone: _______________

Position in Exploring or Scouting: ____________________________ Date: __________

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