Alpha Phi Omega Coat-of-Arms To continue the Service of Scouting in College: Alpha Phi Omega
  • Alpha Phi Omega is a National Service Fraternity.
  • Alpha Phi Omega's cardinal principles are Leadership, Friendship and Service.
  • Alpha Phi Omega's program of service is directed to four areas:
    1. Campus
    2. Community
    3. Nation
    4. Members
  • Alpha Phi Omega is Co-ed.
There are about 350 active chapters of Alpha Phi Omega in the United States and more than 300,000 students have chosen Alpha Phi Omega. There are about 150 chapters of Alpha Phi Omega, Phillipines.

Alpha Phi Omega was founded by former Boy Scouts who wanted to practice Scouting ideals in the college setting. They decided the best approach was to adopt the Scouting tradition of service. Furthermore the Scout Oath and Law were chosen as the guiding principles and they are still today.

Until 1967 membership was open only to former Boy Scouts. As the fraternity rapidly grew, it realized other college students had a desire to render service and had beliefs similar to that of the BSA. Membership is now open to any college student, male or female, regardless of race, color, creed, or other fraternal affiliation. Alpha Phi Omega is not a social fraternity. Our open membershiip policy means that there are no selective or exclusive membership requirements and there is absolutely no hazing.

Alpha Phi Omega maintains strong ties to its scouting roots. Each chapter is required to have a Scouting advisor. Scouting heratige is evident in the traditions and symbolism of this fraternity. Two National officers of the BSA serivce on the Alpha Phi Omega National Board of Directors. HOWEVER, the BSA does not finance or govern the fraternity in any way. Service to Scouting is a major facet of fraternity projects every year. Chapters sponsor Scout troops, staff camporees and other functions, clean up Scout camps and assist in fund raising.

While Alpha Phi Omega is currently in the United States and the Phillipines, any appropriately sized college campus could be appropriate.

Alpha Phi Omega's Can be contacted at:

    Alpha Phi Omega
    Alpha Phi Omega National Office
    14901 E. 42nd St.
    Independence, MO 64055

There is an Alpha Phi Omega Mailing list called APO-L, which deals with Alpha Phi Omega issues to which anyone may subscribe.

Leadership, Friendship and Service - Alpha Phi Omega

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