BSA Ranks from Bobcat to Quartermaster!

This Page covers Ranks that a youth can earn,
not awards that are presented.
Eagle is a rank, Silver Beaver is an award.

Tiger Cubs 7 - 8
- Tiger
Cub Scouts 8 - 10
Bobcat Badge Bobcat Badge
Wolf Badge Wolf Badge
Gold Arrow Silver Arrow Wolf Arrow
Bear Badge Bear Badge
Gold Arrow Silver Arrow Bear Arrow
Webelos 10 - 11
Webelos Colors Activity Pins
Webelos Badge Webelos Badge
Arrow of Light
Arrow of Light Square Knot
Arrow of Light
Boy Scouts 11 - 18
Scout Rank Scout
Tenderfoot Scout Rank Tenderfoot
Second Class Scout Rank Second Class
First Class Scout Rank First Class
Star Scout Rank Star
Life Scout Rank Life Scout

Eagle Scout, You must earn before your 18th birthday
Eagle Scout Medal Pin Eagle Scout Rank
Eagle Scout Square Knot
Adults can wear the knot!
Eagle Scout
- Eagle Bronze Palms
Eagle Scout Gold Palm Eagle Gold Palm
Eagle Scout Silver Palm
The Silver Palm is higher than the Gold Palm. Silver is the highest medal in Scouting so not to talke away from the Silver Beaver, Silver Antalope, and the Silver Buffalo.
Eagle Silver Palm
Venturing 14 - 21
Must earn before your 21st Birthday
Arts & Hobbies Cluster Image
Arts & Hobbies Venturing Bronze Award Strip
Arts & Hobbies
Outdoor Program Image
Outdoor Venturing Bronze Award Strip
Ministry Cluster Image
Youth Ministries Venturing Bronze Award Strip
Youth Ministiries
Sea Scout Ventruing Bronze Award Strip Bronze
Sea Scout
Sprots Cluster Image
Sports Venturing Bronze Award Strip
Bronze Sports
Ventruing Leadership Award Leadership
Ventruing Gold Award Gold
Ventruing Silver Award
Silver Square Knot
Silver Square Knot
Ranger Award
Ranger Square Knot
2,782 Explorers earned the Ranger Award between the years 1944-1951. BSA ran out of stock of the square knot in 1951. The Medal is still produced.
The knot can be worn by both adults and youth
Though The Arrow of Light is the highest rank a Cub can earn in Cub Scouts and Eagle is the highest rank a Scout can earn in Boy Scouts of America, the highest Ranks in Scouting are the Ranger & Quartermaster. These ranks are so rare some scouts and scouters have never even heard of them even thought they have been around since 1944.

Venturers can work on their Eagle if and only if they have earned their First Class Rank in Scouting.

Some have said that the Eagle Scout and the Queen Scout are extreamly similar in requirements.

Both Males and Females can work on their Ranger, Quartermaster & Silver Awards

Some Eagles have argued that Ranger is an award and not a rank. However, Ranks are earned and awards are given. Silver Beaver, Bighorns, Spurgeon are awards. While, Arrow of Light, Eagle, and Ranger are ranks.
Sea Scouts 14 - 21
Must earn before your 21st Birthday
Apprentice Apprentice
Ordinary Ordinary
Able Able
Sea Badge Square Knot Sea Badge
Quartermaster Pin Quartermaster Square Knot Quartermaster

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