Packing checklist


The items listed below will be necessary to insure your son's health and comfort while attending Summer Camp It is also recommended that he bring a game, book, or other item to help occupy his time during rest periods.

Please, NO radios or other sound emitting devices that do not have earphones; knives with blades longer than three (3) inches or requiring sheaths, Aerosol sprays, or anything that has a high monetary or sentimental value. We have discovered that things have ways of being misplaced or broken on campouts!

All food and drink that your camper will need for the week will be provided for as part of their Summer Camp fee. However, he should consider bringing snacks to replenish his energy between meals. There is a traiding post where junk food is for sale. If you must send your son with snacks and/or junk food make sure they are indavidualy wraped items and inform them not to eat them in their tents. Sunks and Coons will smell the food and come into the tent to dine on the leftovers. If you son and/or his personal items are sprayed by a Skunk, everything but the boy will be burnt! Therefore, DON'T have food in the tent!!!

ALL clothing items that your son takes should be permanently marked with his name. We frequently end up with a pile of dirty clothing after the campout with no one willing to claim anything in it. Such iteams are tossed in the rubbish bin.

Turn your Summer Camp Physical in at least two weeks before leaving for camp to your Scout Master.

Where your swim suit under your uniform on the first day of camp. After setting up camp you will be expected to take a swim test.

Uniform is worn for every Breakfast and Dinner. Bring some Woolite to clean your uniform.

The following equipment, clothing, and personal items are recommended. However, if your son does not have a specific item, a substitution should be made to provide similar functionality.

  ___ Sleeping Bag              ___ Pack               
  ___ Sheet, for hot nights	___ Sun Screan
  ___ Flashlight with extra     ___ Foam pad/air       
      batteries                     mattress           
  ___ Pocket knife              ___ Ground cloth 8'x10' sheet of plastic
  ___ Pencil and Paper          ___ Eating kit
  ___ Boots or waterproof              - Spoon
      footwear*                        - Fork
  ___ Mosquito repellent               - knife
      and lots of it                   - Cub
  ___ Scout Handbook                   - knife
  ___ Canteen                          - Plate
  ___ Poncho*                          - Bowl
  ___ Personal First Aid kit
  ___ Sewing kit                ___ Waterproof mathces

Clothing Enough for 7 days 6 nights!

  ___ Underwear                 ___Jacket*
  ___ Socks                     ___Hat to keep sun off
  ___ Sweater                   ___Long sleeve shirt
  ___ Extra Pants               ___Extra pair of shoes
  ___ Shirt			___Tee Shrit


  ___ Toilet paper in           ___Wash cloth
      zip-lock bag              ___DEODORANT
  ___ 2 large trash bags        ___Hand towel
  ___ Soap in container         ___Comb or brush
  ___ Tooth brush               ___Handkerchief(s)
  ___ Toothpaste


  ___ Camera & film         ___Binoculars
  ___ Watch                     ___Bible
  ___ Munchies                  ___More Munchies
  ___ Compas			___Fishing Gear

Merit Badge Books

Remember, if it is valuable and you want it back, don't send it with him!

*NOTE: Waterproof footwear to participate in outdoor activities.

To attend the "Swamp Stomp" you will want to bring an entire set of clothes that you are willing to throw away afterwards, including the shoes!

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