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Similarities between Exploring and Venturing. Weekend Camping Check List
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To earn the Bronze Award for OUTDOOR activities, complete at least four core requirements and at least two electives:

Do four of the following core requirements:

  1. Standard First Aid

  2. Wilderness Survival

  3. Communications

  4. Leave No Trace

  5. Cooking

  6. Land Navigation

  7. Emergency Preparedness

  8. Conservation

Do two of the following elective requirements:

  1. Backpacking

  2. Cave Exploring

  3. Cycling/Mountain Biking

  4. Ecology

  5. Equestrian

  6. Hunting and Fishing

  7. Lifesaver

  8. Mountaineering

  9. Orienteering

  10. Outdoor Living History

  11. Physical Fitness

  12. Project COPE

  13. Scuba Certification

  14. Shooting Sports

  15. Watercraft

  16. Wildlife

  17. Winter Sports

Details on these requirements can be found in the Ranger Guidebook

Above information from Silver Award Guidebook (25-015), 1998 printing.

Contributed by:  Craig Bond

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