The Venturing Oath

As a Venturer, I promise
to do my duty to God and help
strengthen America, to help others,
and to seek truth, fairness, and
adventure in our world


The Venturing Code

As a Venturer, I believe that America's strength lies in our trust in God and in the courage, strength, and traditions of our people.

I will, therefore, be faithful in my religious duties and will maintain a personal sense of honor in my own life.

I will treasure my American heritage and will do all I can to preserve and enrich it.

I will recognize the dignity and worth of all humanity and will use fair play and goodwill in my daily life.

I will acquire the Venturing attitude that seeks the truth 1" all things and ad369unixmentor-20 on the frontiers of our changing world.


The Outdoor Code

As an American, I will do my best to ...

Be clean in my outdoor manners. I will treat the outdoors as a heritage. I will take care of it for myself and others. I will keep my trash and garbage out of lakes, streams, fields, woods, and roadways.

Be careful with fire. I will prevent wildfire. I will build my fires only where they are appropriate. When I have finished using a fire, I will make sure it is cold out. I will leave a clean fire ring, or remove all evidence of my fire.

Be considerate in the outdoors. I will treat public and private property with respect. I will use low-impact methods of hiking and camping.

Be conservation-minded. I will learn how to practice good conservation of soil, water, forests, minerals, grassland, wildlife, and energy. I will urge others to do the same.

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