1.     (a) Explain the BSA Safety Afloat plan.

(b) Demonstrate during a watercraft activity that you know the BSA Safety Afloat plan.

2.   Complete a basic boating safety course provided by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, U.S. Power Squadrons, US Sailing, American Red Cross, or your state's boating law administrator.

3.    (a) Learn and demonstrate water rescue techniques, including self rescue, group rescue, boat assisted rescue, short-line rescue, boat-over-boat rescue, and rescuing a pinned craft.

(b) Learn and demonstrate that you know the rules for avoiding water-caused hypothermia and what to do in case of hypothermia.

4.   Make a presentation to your crew, another crew, a Cub or Boy Scout group, or another youth group on boating safety.

Do 5, 6, or 7.

5.    (a) Learn the American Whitewater Affiliation Safety Code.

(b)   Demonstrate during a watercraft activity that you know the American Whitewater Affiliation Safety Code.

(c)   Learn about the International Scale of River Difficulty.

(d)   Learn and be able to describe the six classifications of rivers.

(e)   On a whitewater river map of your choice, be able to show why different sections are classified the way they are.

(f)   Learn and explain the differences in recreational canoes, touring canoes, downriver canoes, whitewater playboat canoes, decked canoes, recreational kayaks, touring kayaks, and whitewater playboat kayaks.

(g)  Learn and use paddling techniques and maneuvers for

* Canoe, both single and double passenger
* Kayak, single or double passenger

(h)   Paddle a slow river a distance of at least eight miles or run a whitewater river a distance of six miles with at least one class III rapid.

6.     (a) Learn and demonstrate the BSA rules for boardsailing.

(b) Learn how to boardsail.

7.   Become certified as a US Sailing Small Boat Sailor or US Sailing Instructor.


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