(C) Thu Aug 6 10:05:21 EDT 1998 Venturing Crew 369

Adult and Youth Venturing Training:

Venturing Crew Start-up Orientation:

This guide is designed to assist the newly-recruited Venturing crew Advisor to using the Venturing program planning process to get a crew up and running and off to a successful start. Highlights include: What is Venturing, Program Goals, Program Methods. Crew orientation, Steps to Getting Your Crew Up and Running, Operation. It also provides information on suggested crew activities, cooperative and problem solving games, and suggested agendas.

Adult Crew Leader Basic Training:

This training introduces the new adult crew leader to Venturing by providing basic information needed to successfully operate a crew. This information includes the purpose and mission of Venturing; characteristics of Venture-aged youth; organization and leadership of the crew; and program planning and officer training.

Video Support:

New Videos will be available to support training in the following areas:
  1. How to prepare for and sell an organizational head on becoming a chartered partner.
  2. How to organize a Venturing crew.
  3. How to start a new Venturing crew.
  4. Youth protection guidelines for adult crew leaders.
  5. Age-appropriate youth protection video.
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