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What a Group!
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Digital Music: On the rise or fall?
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Our Principals

    1) Honor before all else. 
    2) The difference between a winner and a loser is that the winner tried one more time. 
    3) K.I.S.M.I.F. 
    4) Y.C.D.B.S.O.Y.A. 

Our Web Page:

E-Mail Us!

Our Creed

Exploring: Enthusiasm, Energy, & Excellence 

Venturing Crew 369

Venturing Crew 369 was chartered on December 31, 1994 to the Reformation Luthern Church. 

Venturing Crew 369 specializes in UNIX for Programmers while emphasizing a deep theme of Engineering Computer Information & Science;

Membership in Venturing Crew 369 is open to young men and women between the ages of 14 [and in high school] and not yet 20.  Annual Membership fees are $25.00. 

Calendar of Events:

Guest Speaker, James Power, Qwest 12/05/00
St. Stephen's Food Drive 12/16/00
Knight's Night Out 12/16/00
St. Stephen's Food Drive 12/20/00
No Meeting 12/26/00
Guest Speaker, Dana Ritter, Nationwide 01/02/01
Winter Campout Out 01/19-21/01
Knight's Night Out 01/27/01
Adventure Articles are due. 01/27/01
Guest Speaker, Steve Romig, Cptr Ferinsics 01/30/01
Court-of-Honor, Pot Luck Banqute, Sleepover 02/3-4/01
Klondike Dureby 02/16-18/01
Kight's Night Out 02/24/01
Adventure Articles are due. 02/24/01
Knight's Night Out 03/24/01
Campout 03/23-25/01
Adventure Articles are due. 03/24/01
Campout 04/27-29/01
Knight's Night Out 04/21/01
Adventure Articles are due. 04/21/01
Adventure Articles are due. 05/26/01
Campout 06/15-17/01
Knight's Night Out 06/23/01
Adventure Articles are due. 06/23/01
Summer Camp $175.00 07/1-7/01
Knight's Night Out 07/28/01
Adventure Articles are due. 07/28/01
Campout 08/17-19/01
Knight's Night Out 08/25/01
Adventure Articles are due. 08/25/01
Open House 09/11/01
Knight's Night Out 09/22/01
Adventure Articles are due. 09/22/01
Book Binding Campout 09/28-30/01
Campout 10/26-28/01
Adventure Articles are due. 10/28/01
VOA Elections and Banquet 11/02/01
Adventure Articles are due. 11/24/01
Christmas Party 12/18/01
Adventure Articles are due. 12/22/01

What a Group!

James D. Corder

The 2001 Venturing Crew 369 program is barely begun and you can already see a wonderful team forming! The new youth members not only bring about a since of fresh air but also breath life into the program.

The witt and since of humor these young lad and lasses have is awe inspiring. Their willingness to lend a hand (work) is unheard of for most youth groups. But not for 369!

When the Crew and Troop cooked dinner for the entire church congregation (to say thank you for all they have done for our program) the vast majority of the youth, and adults, of the Crew came and pitched in! There were no complaints about cooking, cleaning, dishes,... WOW! I am extremely proud of 369!

Next month Venturing Crew 369 will assist St. Stephens food drive (and one new toy). We will sort, bag and deliver enough groceries for over 3,000 families. 369 has always been a giving group. I am honored to be associated with them!

Web Status, For November

Total Hits 6,068,586
November Hits 175,659

Top 10 Countries that came to 369!

 Hits  Percent  Country         
70923   40.38%  US Commercial   
49139   27.97%  Network         
31700   18.05%  Unresolved      
 7317    4.17%  US Educational  
 2318    1.32%  United States   
 1580    0.90%  Canada          
 1379    0.79%  Portugal        
 1094    0.62%  US Military     
 1089    0.62%  Non-Profit Org  
  937    0.53%  United Kingdom   

Crew Finances

Our Money as of 11/28/2000
Fund Needed Debit/Credit Total
The Adventure $900.00 - $200.00
Floor Fund
231.84 $2,500.00
Electrical Fund $2,500.00 - $2,500.00
Flag Fund $1,000.00 -$532.35 $0.00
Room Fund $3,800.00 - $0.00
Camping Equipment Fund $5,500.00 - $0.00
General Fund $3,000.00 - $2,282.65
Total On-Hand $17,200.00 Petty Cash $282.65
Adventure $200.00
Bank $7,000.00

Up-an-Coming Crew Expenses

12/01/01 Crew Charter $30.00
12/01/01 Crew Insurance $375.00
12/31/01 Registration $1,875.00
Monthly The Adventure $75.00

Up-an-Coming Member Expenses

09/05/00 Registration $25.00
09/26/00 Book $25.00
06/05/01 Summer Camp $175.00

Your flag retirement website

Raymond A. Slusher KY

My highest praise and compliments to your website!

I am an Army officer (and former Boy Scout) assigned to the KY National Guard, and after several internet searches, I have chosen your site/ceremony as a base for a flag retirement ceremony at a local elementary school.

Believe it or not, not even the US Military offers such a detailed guide! Raymond A. Slusher CPT, IN, KYARNG Training Officer 1-149th IN(M)

Top 100 Scouting Web Sites.

James D. Corder

"Top Sites" rate the top web sites in the world! Some kind sole has sponsored Scouting Sites. Venturing Crew 369 is rated as the 16th best Scouting Web site in the world! Congratulations goto the youth for all their hard work!


Steve Bell IL

Hello from a brand new professional Scout executive in Illinois. I found your website and printed off several informational pages to assemble my own "sales manual" on Venturing.

This Sunday night (after their youth group meeting), I am presenting the Venturing concept to the high school age guys and girls at my Lutheran church in Kankakee, IL. They are looking to Scouting for program ideas and a way to bring a diverse group together. They attended the Lutheran Gathering last summer and some are even interested in the ministry! Were any of you there? Do you have any words of wisdom for a new District Executive and a group of my friends? Let your experience do the talking and let us in on the secret to your longevity.



A man was standing in front of the pearly gates talking to Saint Peter carrying an extremely large suit case. Peter looks at the gentleman and says: "I am sorry but we do not allow baggage into Heaven!" The man replied: "This is my gold, I must have my Gold, I can not live without my Gold!" Peter request the man to sit in the waiting room while he asks God for his permission to bring the Gold into Heaven. While there a little boy asks: "What do you have in the suit case?" The gentleman opens his case to show him his treasures. The young lad asks: "Why did you bring paving materials with you?"

Quote of the Month Bills

Oscar Wilde

It is only by not paying one's bills that one can hope to live in the memory of the commerical classes.

Scouting The Web Award

James D. Corder

Congratulations to November`s Recipients of the Scouting The Web Award
Erith and Crayford Scouts Crayford Kent UK:

SilverWallasey District Scouts, Wallasey, Merseyside UK

Netscape 6 -- A First Look

S. Potter Adult

On November 14, Netscape released version 6 of their browser. Netscape 6 is based upon the Mozilla open-source project ( Open-source, in today's digital world, is supposedly synonymous with good products, and being the best available. Mozilla/Netscape 6 is a good example of why that isn't true. While there are a lot of good things about Netscape 6 (to be detailed later as I get to delve into them), there is also a lot bad.

The system that I'm doing all my testing on is a PII450 running NT 4.0. I'm also checking numbers on an AMD Athlon (thunderbird) 900 running Windows 98 SE and Mandrake Linux, 7.2.

On the 450, it took less than 3 seconds for Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) 5.0 to load and render my homepage (a page with several JavaScript applets, stylesheets, and other forms of dynamic content). Netscape's version 4.75 loaded in about 7 seconds. Netscape6 took 6 seconds to bring up the profile manager, then another 7 seconds after I chose my profile. So far, I've not been able to find a way to disable the profile manager, or have it choose a default profile automatically.

Once my page was loaded and rendered, it was easy to see that there are still many errors. One of the JavaScripts on my home page creates drop down menues for different types of links. IE5 and NS4.75 both rendered this JavaScript correctly. NS6 does not. The menubars are not visable, they are rendered white on white. The dropdowns, which should be invisable are all visable as a single long list of items. Also, a dynamic section in the middle of the page (which should only display a certain set of links) displays all links, one after the other, down the page. Neither IE5, nor NS4.75 have a problem with this page.

I decided to wander around the Crew web site and see how this new version handled everyone's pages. Almost immediately, I ran into problems. On one member's page, the colors were rendered incorrectly, and were re-rendered every time I scrolled the page (on a positive note, the re-renderings were predictable).

Netscape 6 claims to have the first browser to offer full support for several Web standards, including XML, CSS, and DOM. However, David Flanagan has a very insightful article at, "Netscape Navigator 6.0 to Fail Standards Compliance".

To be fair, let's detail a few of the neat/cool/useful new things. The first neat and cool feature is changable themes and skins. These allow you to really customize the browser to your liking, to change everything from the buttons to the backgrounds. This isn't really useful, but it is neat and cool.

A potentially useful feature is the search capability. You can type anything you want into the location bar (where you would normally place a URL), and the broswer will automatically redirect you to the Netscape search page. It will return the search results from your query, and place it in the "Search" tab on the Sidebar. This is not a new feature, IE5 has always had it. However, the links in the Sidebar are new and potentially useful if you often find yourself clicking on a link, then going back to the search page, then clicking on another link. Oh, by the way, this breaks the old action where putting a word into the location bar would automatically be turned into www.[word].com.

The sidebar that I just mentioned could be useful, or it could just waste a lot of space, depending on how you use it. Thankfully, you can resize it and even completely close it, all depending on your mood. I mentioned the Search area above. There are several other default tabs, and you can create your own so that you can always have your most important information right at your fingertips.

One greatly improved area is privacy and security. Under other browsers, you are limited to a few choices when dealing with privacy issues such as cookies -- basically, on all, on for site, and off. Netscape 6 allows you to choose on a case-by-case, site-by-site, or default basis. So, you could have one site that you allowed cookies from, but other sites that you don't.

Netscape has a chance to regain some of its browser market share. It has a chance to put out a better product than IE5. However, from the initial reports, Netscape 6 isn't it. Hopefully, the problems will be fixed quickly and a 6.1 can be released.

Digital Music: On the rise or fall?

Neil Coplin Youth

It is no doubt that in the past few years digital music (mostly mp3 format) has been on the rise. Popular services such as Napster,, and have been offering digital music for free. However, with the recent declaration of bankruptcies of and, and with the lawsuit of Napster going on, will this digital music revolution stay? Will digital music replace compact discs and other physical media?

To look at this, we need to look at a few things: legality issues, quality of music and what is it worth. Firstly legality issues--the giving away the music for free is an obvious copyright infringement. and have both had to declare bankruptcies due to the lawsuits against them for copyright infringement. However, the selling of the digital music, providing it's done by its respective owner, does not cross this law. Napster has recently gone into an agreement with German company Bertelsmann's BMG Entertainment label, where the Napster will most likely start charging for the service. The major hurdle with this task is getting other record labels to jump on-board of the project, otherwise the service will not be able to offer as broad of a service as Napster originally did.

Will people pay for the service? One of the main drawbacks of digital music currently such as mp3s is that the quality of the recording is not to par with the redbook format of compact discs. Since the recording industry has had its best year to date just this last year, it is evident that people are still purchasing compact discs. With having to pay for the digital music, I can see most people dropping the few extra dollars to get the higher quality, and more portable (currently) music. Until an easily portable and high quality format comes along, physical media will continue to be the choice of the masses.

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