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January 25, 2000

Ho-Sheng Hsiao
My Web Page

In Attendence

James D. Corder, Dr. John Cunnyngham, Erika Orrick, Lee Orrick, S. Potter
Bill Schwanitz, Neil Coplin, Ho-Sheng Hsiao (Greenbar)
Suasini Aswath, Aaron Croyle, Nicholas Carter, Stephan Kazakov, Nathan Lee, Heather Ward (Hawk)
Jack Trout, Ian C., Jason Cunnyngham, Bryan P. Fiesrt, Daniel Morris, Nabeel Yousef (Owl)


Mr. Corder continued the talk about extroverting oneself. At a certain level in the technical field, the ability to communicate sets apart the average from the top performers. This week, the goal is to say "Hi" to people (strangers) and have them say "Hi" back.

We also went over VI commands, including navigation, substitution, and editing.

Greenbar, Owl, and Hawk collected money for the campouts and the books. I commend both Jack Trout and Suhasini Aswath for a great job handling the collection and accounting.

We have decided that Owl and Hawk will combine for menues. This leaves Greenbar with 9 people, and Owl/Hawk with 9 people.

On the table

  • Recognition Dinner -- will be held on the Tuesday 22nd at the Reed & Henderson DeVinci. Plan on a meal that costs around $20.00.
  • Web page -- there were talks about continuing the makeover for our web page, including integrating CSS.
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