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February 12th, 2000

Ho-Sheng Hsiao
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Since we're setting up another court of honor, we're going to have to find another facility for it. Mr. Corder had said something like $20.00 a head for dinner and rental of a private facility.

Since is a special occasion, it is definately good to invite parents. Since we have flags, I'd like to do something special ... I had the opportunity to see a flag ceremony during the BCI&I open house. Though, that will mean we need four flags. Two of them our hours, one of them is the American flag; I cannot remember the fourth. As for the ceremony itself, I'm not too sure about the music :-)

  • We're presenting cords
  • We're passing out year pins
  • We're doing something special since it is the Crew's 5th year anniversery
  • We're doing something special since it is Mr. Corder's 30th year in Scouting
  • We're creating three new patrols, so we're recognizing the patrol leaders, seconds, and scribes.
  • Perhaps something for those who'd made it in 2, 3, or 4 Gentlemen's (and Ladies') Club
Any ideas for facilities? There was the Windam Hotel for the District-level awards ... though we're seating 30, not 50-60.

Maybe a small, local middle-school theater (we wouldn't have the catering, though). Heck, for $20.00 a head, we can probably find a small resturant and rent out a slot of the evening.

If we're doing catering ... who do we call the last time? There was a catering service startup in South Arlington I talked to about buying websites.

There was another suggestion of going to a place where, included in the price of the meal, there's also video games.

We can some group to donate us some funding.

Hey, spark up some brainstorm ...

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