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Troop 369's
The Outdoor Adventure
February 29th, 2000
Danny Lacy
Senior Patrol Leader

Scoutmaster's Minute

Scouts, a Scoutmaster's minute is only that, 60 seconds, so I'll start now. How long is 60 seconts? Some will say not long, others, not long enough.

If it happens to be one minute away from your favorite TV show or to hear your favorite song, now that seems to be forever. But, on the ohter site if you have to face or do a task you don't like to do, a minute is not long enought.

Is a minute long enought to help someone? can you visit with someone for just a minute and ask how they are? Can you help your parents or family member with a task for a minute?

So, how long is a minute? What can be accomplished in a minute? Well a minute is only 60 seconds; but what can be accomplished in a minute can last much much longer and be remembered longer than someone can imagine.

Terry Jones

SPL Corner

Your progression through the ranks of scouting is done by setting goals to be done within a certain period of time to achieve each rank or merit badge, but the key is not to linger too long, for a slow progress will cause discouragement and a loss of interest. As you get older other interests will start to compete. In my time in Scouting, I have seen too many good Scouts fall short of Eagle due to either loss of interest or just plain apathy. do not hesitate to ask for help if you don't understand something, or if you need help. I'm almost always available, as well as mr. Jones, or any of the other assistant Scoutmasters.

Danny Lacy
Senior Patrol Leader


The following have all completed the Swimming & Lifesaving Merit Badges
  • Justin Crawford
  • Justin Harris
  • JJ Karrenbauer
  • Ken Karrenbauer
  • Patrick Overly
  • Danny Lacy

Danny Lacy has risen to the rank of Star Scout

Climbing the trail to Eagle is not easy, for the Scout's character and good citezenship is being developed as well. Go for the Eagle!

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