Venturing Uniform
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Venturing Green Eplit JPG

Green Shoulder Loops

  • Y00678
Venturing Short-Sleeve Shirt JPG

Venturing Short-Sleeve Blouse

Polyester/cotton. Order by (size code).
  • Sizes S(91), M(92), L(93), XL(94), 2X(95)
  • Sizes 38-40 (40), 42-44 (44)
  • Made-To-Measure Y54899

Venturing Short-Sleeve Shirt

Polyester/cotton. Order by (size code).
  • Sizes S(91), M(92), L(93), XL(94), 2X(95)
  • 2X (95)
  • 3X (95), 4x (97).
  • Made-To-Measure Y54999
Venturing Advisor Patch JPG

Badge of Office

3" diameter. Worn on left sleeve.
Venturing Leader Manual JPG

Venturing Leader Manual

Provides orientation, instruction, and support for new Venturing Leaders.
  • Y34655
Venturing Ranger Guidebook JPG

Ranger Guidebook

Guide for the new Venturing program includes requirements for the advancement.
  • Y3128
Venturing Paperweight

Venturing "Thank You" Paperweight

A great recognition gift! This distinctive heavy-cast alloy paperweight is polished to an impressive finish and features the Venturing logo in sculpted detail. Measures approximately 3.5" across.
  • Y410
Venturing Leader Device

Venturing Leader Device

Small pin worn on recognition medals by Venturing Leaders.
  • Y00940
Venturing Activity Shirt

Venturing Activity Shirt

Polyester/cotton. Order by (Size code).
  • XS (90), S (91), M (92), L (93), XL (94)
  • 2X Y58695
  • 3X Y58696
  • 4X Y58697
  • 5X Y58698
Venturing Stamp T-Shirt

Venturing Stamp T-Shirt

100 percent cotton shirt features an extreme biker design with a stamplike border on the back. The Venturing logo is shown on the front chest. Order by (Size code).
  • Youth Large Y58590
  • Adult Size: S (91), M (92), L (93), XL (94)
  • Adult 2X Y58595
  • Adult 3X Y58596
Venturing Hiking Staff Medallion

Venturing Hiking Staff Medallion

Add it to your hiking staff to commemorate your Venturing adventures.
  • Y2260
Venturing Clutch-Back Pin JPG

Venturing Pin

Clutch-back pin is gold with the new green and gold Venturing Logo. For non-uniorm wear.
  • Y04101
Venturing Certificate JPG

Venturing Appreciation Certificate

8"x10" certificate has aspace at bottom for recipeent's information.
  • W04196A
Venturing Mug JPG

Venturing Mug

An excellent gift for Venturing Crew membes and Advisors. Features gold and green Venturing Logo. Indivisdually boxed.
  • Y04104
Venturing Plaque JPG

Venturing Plaque

6"x8" dark wookd plaque fetures gold Venturing Logo. Engraving plate included
  • Y9059
Venturing Ink Pen JPG

Venturing Pen

Black pen with gold accents displays the Venturing Logo in gold.
  • Y04103

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