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Venturing Leader Manual

    This manual explains what Venturing is and how it works to adult advisors and crew officers. It provides crew leaders with all the necessary information on program planning, leadership resources, and policies. It includes a helpful "How-To" section, 130 pages of program ideas, the Venturing Reference Guide, and all of the requirements for the Venturing Bronze, Gold and Silver Awards. No. 34655B

Ranger Guidebook

Venturer Handbook

    This handbook is designed to be an individual Venturer's handbook. It provides all the requirements for the Bronze, Gold, and Silver awards, including progress records and applications. It helps define Venturing to a youth member. It describes how a crew operates and the leadership to ensure success. No. 33493

Sea Scout Manual No. 33239B (see description on 25-200)

Venturing Leadership Skills Course

    This syllabus is designed to be used by crew Advisors to teach leadership skills to all Venturers in the crew. It is a series of leadership modules divided into four categories: vision, communication, organization, and synergism. Each module is introduced by an activity and followed by reflection. Completion of this course is a requirement for the Venturing Silver Award and conducting the course is a requirement for the Venturing Advisor Award of Merit. No. 34340A

Venturing Advancement Chart

    This very colorful chart shows each of the requirements for the Bronze, Gold, Silver, Ranger and Quartermaster awards and provides room to keep track of each Venturers achievements. No. 34199

Venturing Sales Kit 25-871 (see description on 25-200)

Venturing-Resources Kit for Religious Organizations 05-938

How to Organize a Sea Scout Ship 25-352

Tired of Hanging Around? Poster 25-561

Venturing: Scoutings Next Step Poster 25-050

Venturing: Scoutings Next Step Brochure 25-031

Venturing Recruiting Poster

    A 22" x 34" recruiting poster entitled,"Are You Ready For This?" To be displayed whereever teenagers hang out. Space is provided to personalize with specific information. No. 33486

Venturing Recruiting Flyer

    A 8 " x 11" recruiting flyer entitled "Are You Ready For This?" Space is provided to customize with specific information. To be distributed to individuals in a school and church. No. 33485

Ready to Rock? Try Venturing brochure 25-019A

(see description of 25-019 on 25-200)

Selling Venturing to the Head of an Organization AV-03V011

    For unit-serving executives and district volunteers who will be selling Venturing. Gives tips and techniques on how to prepare for and effectively sell the program to the head of a potential chartered organization.

Briefing the Organizing Committee AV-03V012

    This video is for unit serving executives and new-unit organizing volunteers to use with step two of the Venturing new crew organizational process and for briefing the organizing committee appointed by the head of the chartered organization.

Venturing For Scoutmasters AV-03V016

    This video for adult leaders in the Boy Scout troop explains how Venturing works and how it relates to the troop. See how it strengthens the troop while giving older boys, especially Eagle Scouts, additional challenges and values.

Venturing For Religious Youth Groups AV-03V017

    This video is for religious leaders whose organizations are considering organizing a Venturing crew. It provides several testimonials from religious leaders around the country and describes the mission of Venturing and how it can compliment an existing religious youth group.

Venturing Leader Specific Training

    This training syllabus is designed to be used by Council and district Venturing training committees to introduce adult Venturing crew leaders to the basic information needed to operate a crew. The training offers five sessions: Here's Venturing, Understanding and Protecting Youth, Leadership and Organization, Awards and Recognition, and Resources and Program Planning. Session #2 includes both Venturing youth protection tapes. This training is designed to be completed in five hours. No. 33491C

New Crew Fast Start AV-03V013

    This video explains the Venturing program, and details the leadership roles of crew Advisors and Venturing youth officers. This video can also be used in group recruiting programs. This video is also included in the Adult Venturing Leader Basic Training.

Venturing Fast Start

    This booklet illustrates how using the Venturing program planning process can get a Venturing crew up and running and off to a successful start. It also provides information about training youth officers. This 23-page booklet is designed to be reproduced locally to help orient new crew advisors and officers. No. 25-878

Venturing Roundtable Guide

    The Venturing Roundtable Guide provides the information for the Venturing break out session of a district's Roundtable. It is the manual for a Venturing Roundtable Commissioner and staff to help with planning and administering a full year of exciting Roundtable meetings for Venturing crew adult and youth leaders. It contains sections on "HowTo", Activities/Games, and Program Features. No. 34342

Venturing Professional Orientation AV -03V015

    This video presentation is designed for Professionals to give them an overview of the Venturing program. It includes testimonials and selling points. It should be used to orient all professionals about Venturing.

Youth Protection Guidelines: Training for Adult Venturing Leaders AV-03V014

    This is a half-hour training for Venturing leaders that provides an overview of the developmental transitions experienced by young people of Venturing age and how those transitions relate to the personal safety concerns of the Venturing program. It will help to ensure that Venturing crews conduct their programs with the personal safety of crew members in mind.

Youth Protection: Personal Safety Awareness AV-09V027

    This video is a presentation for any young person in the 14-20 age range. It is a series of four vignettes dealing with the issues of acquaintance rape, Internet safety, stalking, and peer sexual harassment. Each scenario is followed by instructions for local group discussions. This video is segmented for flexibility in a class or meeting venue.

Venturing Philmont Courses

More Information on Philmont Courses
    The National Venturing Division offers seven exciting training opportunities at the Philmont Training Center for adult leaders. Attendance is by invitation only, upon recommendation of the local council.

    Venturing Courses available at Philmont:

    • Venturing- The Crew
    • Venturing-Council & District Administration
    • Quality Venturing Roundtables
    • Venturing Advancement
    • Training Venturing Leaders
    • High Adventure Resources for Venturing
    • American Red Cross Course

Powder Horn Training

    Powder Horn is a new training opportunity designed to expose Venturing adult leaders to activities and resources available to operate a successful Venturing Ranger program.

    It helps Venturing leaders and Scouters to safely conduct outdoor activities of a fun and challenging nature.

    It provides an introduction to the resources necessary to successfully lead Venturers through a program of high adventure. It familiarizes the Advisor with the Ranger program so that Venturers can meet the requirements of the Ranger Award.

    All Powder Horn courses require regional approval. For information about the course nearest you, contact your local council or the website. www.powderhorn-bsa.org

Here's Venturing: A Guide to Implementing Venturing in a District and Council (top right position on page 2)

    This is a manual for professionals and volunteers describing how to implement Venturing into a traditional district. It provides specific information on membership, commissioner service, roundtables, training, advancement, program, finance and Sea Scouting.

    No. 33466

National Venturing Awards and Recognition Program 25-884

Information Provided by Venturing Divison, National Office
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