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Venturing Literature
Ranger GuidebookWW03128$5.95
Sea Scout ManualWW33239$12.95
Small Boat Handling Pocket CertificateWW33417$0.30
Venturer HandbookWW33493$5.95
Venturing Leader ManualWW34655$7.95
Venturing Leaders TrainingWW33491B$3.75
Venturing Leadership Skills CourseWW34340$5.00
Venturing StickersWW04195$0.35
Venturing Appreciation CertificateWW04196$0.70
Venturing Leadership Award CertificateWW33662$0.95
Venturing Ranger Award CertificateWW33663$0.95
Venturing Silver Award CertificateWW33664$0.95
Venturing Gold Award CertificateWW33665$0.95
Venturing Bronze Award CertificateWW33666$0.95
Venturing Rural/Low Income Action IdeasWW33628$5.00
Venturing Unit Commissioner FormWW33660$0.20
Information Current as of July 12, 2000.
Please check with your local Council Office for more information. times since August 4th, 1998.