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June 9-15, 2002
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Venturing- The Crew

    This detailed, fun course designed for unit level Venturing adults will provide information on how to work with young men and women, how to administer Venturing on a unit level, how to administer the advancement program and crew programming, open houses, training youth officers and Venturing resources.

Venturing - Council and District Administration
    This informative, fun course is designed for district and council -level Venturing adults. It will provide detailed information on how to administer Venturing at the district and council levels, information on the advancement program and how to support it, how to conduct an Impact Event, and Venturing resources and best methods from around the country.

High Adventure Resources for Venturing
    This course is for any Venturing volunteer or professional. It will teach you how to access high adventure resources and use consultants in your community. Power Horn will be highlighted. The course material will help any crew Advisor implement a successful Ranger program.

Quality Venturing Roundtables
    Venturing roundtable commissioners will learn how to successfully operate Venturing roundtables in their districts. Learn effective methods and receive great program ideas from experienced volunteers from around the country.

Venturing Advancement
    The Venturing Advancement course is for those responsible for implementing the Venturing advancement program in their councils, and for interested unit-level volunteers. This course will cover specific techniques for implementing a successful Venturing advancement program. It will highlight the Bronze, Gold, Silver and Ranger awards.

Training Venturing Leaders
    This course is for district and council Venturing training chairs and committee members. It focuses on developing an effective Venturing training team, training and developing trainers, and effective training techniques. The five session Venturing Leader Specific Training course will be the syllabus.
Venturing in the LDS Church
    First time offered at Philmont. This course will help LDS Venturing leaders implement a successful Venturing program. It will feature success stories from around the country. It will highlight how Venturing can be adapted to meet the needs of LDS units and youth.

Information Provided by Venturing Divison, National Office
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