New Bronze Award Items

These new Bronze Award items will be introduced at the Annual Meeting in June 2002:

ItemSupply No.
Bronze Award 04223
Mini Arts & Hobbies Pin 04261
Mini Sports Pin 04262
Mini Youth Ministries Pin04263
Mini Sea Scout Pin 04264
Mini Outdoor Pin 04265

The new Bronze Award will be a ribbon with a medal (Venturing Logo) similar in design to the existing Ranger, Silver and Gold awards.

The mini pins are rectangular shaped and are designed to be pinned on the Bronze award.

The existing military-style Bronze ribbons will continue to be available.

New Venturing Resources

National Venturing Awards and Recognition Program poster, No. 25-884A

The Venturing brochure 25-884 and the Venturing poster 25-050 have been combined into a new poster entitled National Venturing Awards and Recognition Program, No. 25-884A. It is a 17 x 22 inch poster with color pictures of the awards on the front side and printed information about the awards on the back.

It is a great tool for promoting Venturing in Boy Scout troops, religious youth groups, and high school clubs.

Venturing Resources for Religious Organizations sales kit, No.25-250

The Venturing sales kit, No. 5-938, and the Spanish Venturing sales kit, No. 5-937, have been combined into a bi-lingual sales kit, No. 25-250. It is useful in helping promote Venturing to religious organizations.

A Sample of Council Venturing Activities

National Capital Area Council, Bethesda, Maryland—has a one-day Venturing Rendezvous in Northern Virginia in April. Venturers will get hands-on experience in many of the Ranger requirements, including mountaineering, outdoor living history, COPE, black powder rifle, 3-D archery, kayaking, mountain biking, horseback riding, fly fishing, backpacking, wilderness first aid, SCUBA, Leave No Trace, wilderness survival, cave exploring, and cooking. In addition Venturers can meet with outdoor gear vendors. Rendezvous 2002 will close with an awards ceremony and the election of new youth officers.

Trapper Trails Council, Ogden, Utah—conducts a Venturing Winter Carnival. It is held on a Saturday in February on the local university football practice field. Activities include ice carving, avalanche safety, snow caving, cooking, snow sculpturing competition, cross country ski races, snow shoe races and a chili cook-off. Each Venturing crew prepares its own chili and brings its own water, stove/table, cooking equipment, eating utensils. The cost is $3 per Venturer.

Cascade Pacific Council, Portland, Oregon—conducted the Hawaiian Snow Daze 2001, A New Year's Extravaganza. It was held from 4 p.m. on December 31st to 10 a.m. on January 1 at a Scout camp with cabins near town. Adult chaperones were required (one for each ten youth). The party was complete with a DJ, Karaoke, big screen broadcast of the Times Square countdown, big toys and lots of other creative, fun activities. Cost: $20 for two days of fun, food, lodging. Includes Palm-treed snack bar, mid-day brunch, Italian Aloha dinner and a continental breakfast.

Northwest Suburban Council, Mount Prospect, Illinois—maintains a high adventure camp near Wild Rose, Wisconsin, for use by Venturers. The program includes backpacking in the Porcupine Mountains of northern Michigan, whitewater canoeing on the Flambeau river in northern Wisconsin, rock climbing at Devil's Lake, and a SCUBA certification course. All of these trips can be custom designed to the user.

Mt. Baker Council, Everett, Washington—conducts a two-week Ranger Quest program specifically for Venturers at Camp Black Mountain. One week is designated as a coed week. A Venturer can earn the Outdoor Bronze in a week or "Major" in a sport. The "majors" are SCUBA, COPE, whitewater rafting, NRA Marksmanship qualification, and equestrian. The basic camp fee is $180. Equestrian and SCUBA have additional cost.

Western Alaska Council, Anchorage, Alaska—the Alaska High Adventure Base provides a full schedule of high adventure events for the summer of 2002. Activities include ice/glacier climbing, mountaineering, canoeing, white water rafting, sea kayaking, deep sea fishing, sailing, and COPE. Each session is ten days. All participants must be 13 before January 1, 2002. It is open to older Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts, and Venturers. In-council units pay $325, all others pay $425.

Istrouma Area Council, Baton Rouge, Louisiana—conducts a series of Venturing days held quarterly that incorporate a Ranger elective. They held a Land Navigation day in November, and have set up Aquatics, First Aid, Cycling, and Discover SCUBA events. They are one-day events that crews can insert into their annual planning.

Western Los Angeles County Council, Van Nuys, California—recently conducted a Venturing Roundtable/Barbecue. Adult leaders and youth officers planned out the rest of the year and played football and ultimate frisbee. They voted to have council sponsored events quarterly. In March, they will have a camp-out as their Scout camp and conduct the Venturing Leadership Skills Course. In June, they will have a beach camp-out. The youth did most of the planning.

Safe Rides Guidebook update

The 43-page Safe Rides Program Venturing Guidebook will now be available from

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