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Our Creed:
Venture Crew 369:
Calendar of Events:
Congratulations Christopher deCicestr Steuart Smith
Congratulations 369
Crew Finances
Solaris Jump Start
Web Site ROCKS!!!!!!!
The Fourth Dimension
What being third in the world meens to me.
Third in scouting!
Quote of the Month
Maple Sugar Festival
Azgard Venturer Unit A Brief Unit History
The Adventure Logo!
3rd Best Web Site in the World!
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Our Principals

    1) Honor before all else. 
    2) The difference between a winner and a loser is that the winner tried one more time. 
    3) K.I.S.M.I.F. 
    4) Y.C.D.B.S.O.Y.A. 

Our Web Page:

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Our Creed

Exploring: Enthusiasm, Energy, & Excellence 

Venturing Crew 369

Venturing Crew 369 was chartered on December 31, 1994 to the Reformation Luthern Church. 

Venturing Crew 369 specializes in UNIX for Programmers while emphasizing a deep theme of Engineering Computer Information & Science;

Membership in Venturing Crew 369 is open to young men and women between the ages of 14 [and in high school] and not yet 20.  Annual Membership fees are $25.00. 

Web Status

March 2001
KBytes  2,365,249K  
Visits      19,138  
Pages       49,870  
Files      200,045  
Hits       230,725  
Past 12 Months
KBytes  30,076,245K  
Visits      220,005  
Pages     1,011,756  
Files      260,4275  
Hits       289,9518   

Calendar of Events:

Knight's Night Out 04/21/01
Adventure Articles are due. 04/21/01
Adventure Articles are due. 05/26/01
Campout 06/15-17/01
Knight's Night Out 06/23/01
Adventure Articles are due. 06/23/01
Summer Camp $175.00 07/1-7/01
Knight's Night Out 07/28/01
Adventure Articles are due. 07/28/01
Campout 08/17-19/01
Knight's Night Out 08/25/01
Adventure Articles are due. 08/25/01
Open House 09/11/01
Knight's Night Out 09/22/01
Adventure Articles are due. 09/22/01
Book Binding Campout 09/28-30/01
Campout 10/26-28/01
Adventure Articles are due. 10/28/01
VOA Elections and Banquet 11/02/01
Adventure Articles are due. 11/24/01
Christmas Party 12/18/01
Adventure Articles are due. 12/22/01
34d Best Web Site in The World!

Congratulations 369

James D. Corder Adult

I am so extremely humbled by the dedication to excellence that the youth of 369 has put into its web site. Thousands of Scouting Websites around the world were nominated. But, Topsites only lists the top 100. Venturing Crew 369's web site: was voted 3rd best Scouting Web Site in the World.

This is indeed an honor that the members of 369 should be proud of.

Congratulations Christopher deCicestr Steuart Smith

James D. Corder Adult

We are so proud of our Honorary Member of Venturing Crew 369 and Unit Leader of our Sister Unit in Melborn Australia Christopher deCicestr Steuart Smith for on February 22, 2001 he was bestowed one of The Australian Scouting Association's most prestigious honors, The Silver Arrowhead, for excellent service to the Scout Movement. Australian Silver Arrowhead Award

Crew Finances

Topic Need On-Hand
  • The Adventure $95,000 $0.00
  • General Fund $3,000 $7,064.38
  • Membership $500 $0.00
  • Tralier Fund $3,800 $0.00
  • Camp Equip. $5,500 $0.00
  • Grand Total $6,989.38
  • In the Bank $6,575.00
  • Cash on Hand $414.38
  • Up-an-Coming Crew Expenses
  • >12/01/01 Crew Charter $30.00
  • 12/01/01 Crew Insurance $375.00
  • 12/31/01 Registration $1,875.00

Solaris Jump Start

S. Potter Adult

Standards are essential to any large and ever-changing environment. Non-standard systems waste time and effort attempting to determine whether tools, patches, and applications are installed, and that the system is configured properly. Troubleshooting time on non-standard systems is greatly increased because the troubleshooting must start at the most basic levels to determine where the problem may lie.

Solaris JumpStart(TM) is a suite of tools designed to allow for rapid and automated installation and configuration of workstations and servers. This automation allows the administrators the ability to quickly install any number of systems and be immediately assure that they are all built to the defined standards, that everything is loaded, and that everything is configured properly. When something goes wrong, the administrator can quickly and easily zero in on the areas that are most likely the problem, without having to start from the very beginning.

A basic JumpStart set up requires two functional services, the boot service and the configuration service, and (of course) a client or clients to be built and configured. The services may reside on a single server, or they may reside on multiple servers. At a minimum, the boot service must must reside on a server that is connected to the same subnet as the clients to be built. This can be accomplished either by setting up multiple boot services on servers on seperate networks, or by connecting a single boot service server to multiple networks.

The first two things we need to do in order to install our client is to make sure that the MAC address is listed in /etc/ethers and that the hostname and IP address are listed in /etc/hosts.

The boot service is handled by the bootparam daemon (rpc.bootparamd) and the tftp (trivial file transfer protocol) daemon. tftp must provide a bootblock to the client that includes a builtin NFS driver to be able to mount the file systems specified by the bootparam daemon. On a properly set up JumpStart server, this file should already reside in the /tftpboot directory and be called something like inetboot.SUN4U.Solaris_2.6-1. This corresponds to a bootblock (inetboot) for the Ultra architecture (SUN4U) running Solaris 2.6. This file must be linked to a file named after the IP address of the client, as well as to a second file named after the IP address of the client and the architecture. The IP address will be reported in hex, rather than decimal. For example a client with the IP address of will have the following links:

	  0A060007 -> inet boot.SUN4U.Solaris_2.6-1
	  0A060007.SUN4U -> inet boot.SUN4U.Solaris_2.6-1

The /etc/bootparams file specifies where the client is supposed to find the parameters necessary for it to request the installation. The file contains the following information:

	host root=installserver:/path/to/root/filesystem \
	  install=installserver:/path/to/installation \
	rootopts=:rsize=32768 \

For example, if we want to install the client named flute using the install server named winds, it might look something like this:

	flute root=winds:/js/Solaris_2.6/Tools/Boot \
	  install=winds:/js/Solaris_2.6/ \
	rootopts=:rsize=32768 \

Although we discussed exactly what happens in all four steps of the setup, you don't actually have to do the bootparams and tftp setup by hand. Part of the JumpStart set up is a script called add_install_client which will do these for you. It is called as:

	add_install_client -c 
	<server>:<SOLARIS DIR> [-p 
	<server>:<SYSID>] \
	  <name> <arch>


	server  JumpStart server
	SOLARIS DIR  location of the rules file
	SYSID  location of the sysid.conf file 
	(only needed for Solaris 8) 
	name  client hostname
	arch  client architecture (sun4u)

Once we have completed these four steps, we can go to our client and from the ok prompt type "boot net - install". This will automatically start the entire process, and install everything based on the rules that we've set up. We discuss the rules in the next section. Depending on what we've defined, our installation can take anywhere from several minutes to several hours.

Web Site ROCKS!!!!!!!

Jack Williams St. Louis, Missouri

Ok guy's, the way I found your site was via an link from a woodworking page. Very cool, my son and I are going to build the patrol box from your plans. Thanks so much!

Anyhow, my son is a brand new Tenderfoot. I am a Cubmaster (till the end of this year) and we are just beginning the boy scout adventure together. I am a software developer and have thought about putting a site together for the cub's for awhile, but have held off, I need others to support this effort, so I really think that it's more of a boy scout project. Also, I'm thinking that the undertaking will get the Boy Scouts interested in technology and I can encourage them all to explore this as possible professions as they move through high school...

So, I'm jazzed, and I gotta tell you, I write internet/intranet applications at the Corporate level, and I must say, YOU GUY'S REALLY ROCK!

Also, I'm not sure who taught you all how to scrounge equipment, but I am incredibly envious of your abilities...

Anyhow, just wanted to offer up Kudo's, nice work.

James D. Corder

Thank you for your kind words. I am extremely proud of our youth. They have put a lot of effort into the web page to make it great.

check out:

These are some of the better Scouting Sites. Maybe that will give you some ideas on your site.

It is amazing where our equipment comes from. Companies from all over the country hear about our program and donate. What we really need is our own building. We are limited in number by our monetary and physical resources. Since we meet in a church:-) we have to build and tear down the local area network every week. Half of our meeting is taken up by this effort. If we had our own building we would be able to leave the network and data center up:-) Some day, some kind company or soul will donate the $4-$5 million to build, renovate, and run the building. But then we could increase our numbers 10 to 20 fold. We could have different groups meeting ever night of the week:-)

God is big enough, it will happen!

The Fourth Dimension

James D. Corder Adult

Some have theorized that the Fourth Dimension can only exist within a black hole. I have scientific proof that Fourth Dimension is not a dimension at all but is actually a portal.

Since World War II, it has been terrorized that the 4th dimension existed only within Metag Dryers. Of course this can not be proven because socks also have disappeared in other name brand laundry apparatus. Moreover, since it is a scientific foundation that one can not prove that something does not exist only that it does, the absence of socks can not prove the existence of the Fourth Dimension.

For several years now, Waist Management Control (WMC) officials have, in an attempt to lighten the demand on land fills, sanctioned the disposal of used dippers in supermarket parking lots. Moreover, cigarette wrappers and butts should be eliminated in the grassy nolle at stop lights on the driver side. Of course, beer bottles should be placed under non-moving automobiles.

I was perplexed that public officials would sanction littering in our country. However, this reporter has found a massive government conspiracy to cover up their limited control of the Fourth Dimension. In a joint effort the DOD and CIA are funding the WMC for the development of a Fourth Dimension Control Device (FDCD). The WMC thinks that they will utilize the FDCD to eliminate caustic waste by transporting it through the Fourth Dimension Portal to the Sun's corona. Though, currently, the FDCD aim can be controlled, its output is somehow mislocked on privet hedges.

At first I was confused by the quantity of such items that I have found in my privet hedges. This week alone I have filled three 35 gallon trash bags with such, previously mentioned, icky items. Since it is a known fact that no self respecting individuals of class would get out of their automobiles, cross the street from the public parking, enter someone else's yard and place soiled dippers in privet hedges, their must be a subsequent explanation for its appearance.

As Spock was so fond of saying, "If you eliminate the impossible only the possible, no matter how improbable, is left remaining!" If someone would have consumed 38 beers they too would have been found in the hedges. Moreover, it is a known fact that beer bottles do not grow on trees or hedges. Therefore, we are left with two probabilities:

1) Lightning stuck 38 times in a two acre radius creating glass nodules that formed into perfectly shaped and labeled beer bottles.


2) The Fourth Dimension is truly a portal and the government has created a working Fourth Dimension Control Device.

What being third in the world meens to me.

Aaron Croyle Youth: 19

Being the third best scouting web site in the world means more that just a mass of trafic coming through our page. It means exposure of our group, and our members to the world. One such exaple of this happend to me just this week. Some headhunter had found my resume "somewhere online", the only place it exists is on our site, and had called to offer me a job in Michiagan. Well of course being a student at The Ohio State University I declined the offer, but it is great to have oppertunities such as these. Aside from its effect on me personaly, our site must have an impact on the scouting world in general. I'm glad we can provide them with information that they can and do use as reflected by the feed back we recive.

Third in scouting!

Heather Ward Age 19

This week, our group's web page reached the third place in the world of scouting, as determined by topsites. This is an achievement of not only our current group, but all our advisors and youth, past and present. This honor, to me is the culmination of years of work. The page provides resources and information about our group and has received over 6 million hits. I really would suggest that anyone who hasn't looked lately, come and see our page. We're still growing, and we hope to achieve even more in the future. The web page is just one reason why it is an honor to serve this group.

Quote of the Month

Bolub's Fourth Law of Computerdom:

Project teams detest weekly progress reporting because it so vividly manifests their lack of progress.

7th Doveton'
Venturing Crew 369's Sister unit in Australia the 7th Doveton

Azgard Venturer Unit A Brief Unit History

7th Doveton

In 1995 after 7th Doveton Venturer Unit after being in recess for several years was reactivated with an all-7th Doveton membership, plus one.

Since 1995 the Unit has changed in size, make up and membership base. The Unit now draws on five Groups for its members. These members come from as far apart as Pakenham, Dandenong, Cranbourne and all points in between. From a male dominated Unit to our current 1:3 female/male split.

Since the Unit was reactivated it has enjoyed a wide variety of successes and activities. Everything from Ablseiling to both Ventures, Hovercrafting to Parascending and many more.

In 1998 and again in 1999 it was suggested that the Unit split into to two Units with one of them retaining the Doveton identity. The Unit rejected this very strongly. (It was again a contentious issue in 2000)

With the changes in its membership base and orientation the Unit decided it was time to seek a more appropriate name for itself.

After much discussion it was decided that, as a person's home is his or her castle, and because the second hall we are using looks like a log castle to adopt the name Asgard. Often depicted as a log cabin castle. It is also the name for the home for the Norse Gods.

We added a small change to our name by spelling it with a z instead of an s. A new name meant a new scarf. But this discussion was a lot shorter and a decision was soon made. The main criteria being that it had to be a completely different colour to every group in the District. The silver stripe near the edge was chosen for contrast but the lightening flash was added to show a difference and because we never do what is expected.

The process of seeking formal recognition of our name change and scarf took nearly six months. It seemed as if everyone has the right to have his or her say. From Group Council all the way up to Branch.

Then more delay as our original authorisation and notification went missing in the post. However the time and day arrived and our District Commissioner Mr Steven Sheridan formally presented the Unit's new scarves on Friday, 23rd March 2001.

Maple Sugar Festival

James D. Corder Adult

On February 24th and March 3rd, 2001 from 9:00a.m. - 4:00p.m.,

Camp Lazarus was open to the public for the 14th annual

Maple Syrup Festival. It is a great event for all.

Once Again, Venturing Crew 369 had the pleasure to cook for the staff, Police Officers, Emergency Medical, Scouts, and Scouters. There was so many people in attendance that not only did they overflow the parking lot, the storage facility, they also filled the parade field. With so many in attendance, the staff truly worked up an apatite.

It is an honor to serve!

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