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Saved from a Certain Death
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(C) Sat May 26 16:38:30 EDT 2001 Venturing Crew 369

Our Principals

    1) Honor before all else. 
    2) The difference between a winner and a loser is that the winner tried one more time. 
    3) K.I.S.M.I.F. 
    4) Y.C.D.B.S.O.Y.A. 

Our Web Page:

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Our Creed

Exploring: Enthusiasm, Energy, & Excellence 

Venturing Crew 369

Venturing Crew 369 was chartered on December 31, 1994 to the Reformation Luthern Church. 

Venturing Crew 369 specializes in UNIX for Programmers while emphasizing a deep theme of Engineering Computer Information & Science;

Membership in Venturing Crew 369 is open to young men and women between the ages of 14 [and in high school] and not yet 20.  Annual Membership fees are $25.00. 

Calendar of Events:

Campout 08/17-19/01
Knight's Night Out 08/25/01
Adventure Articles are due. 08/25/01
Open House 09/11/01
Knight's Night Out 09/22/01
Adventure Articles are due. 09/22/01
Book Binding Campout 09/28-30/01
Fall Camporee, Camp Cheif Logan 10/19-21/01
Campout 10/26-28/01
Adventure Articles are due. 10/28/01
VOA Elections and Banquet 11/02/01
Adventure Articles are due. 11/24/01
Christmas Party 12/18/01
Adventure Articles are due. 12/22/01
Scout Sunday Sleep Over 2/2-3/02
Klondike, Camp Falling Rocks 2/15-17/02
Tri-Creek Recognition Dinner 4/6/02
Spring Camporee, Camp Lazarus 4/26-28/02
Summer Camp 6/30-7/6/02
Fall Camporee, Camp Buckeye 10/18-20/02
Scout Sunday Sleep Over 2/1-2/03
Klondike, Camp Falling Rocks 2/14-16/03
Tri-Creek Recognition Dinner 4/5/03
Spring Camporee, Camp Chief Logan 4/25-27/03
Summer Camp 6/29-7/5/03
Fall Camporee, Camp Buckeye 10/17-19/03

WOW What Growth

James D. Corder Adult
March 1995             0

June 1998 198,889
March 2000 5,000,000
October 2000 6,000,000
May 2001 7,000,000
broke 7,000,000 hits!

Total Hits 7,136,858


James D. Corder Adult

I would like to thank Muirfield for giving 369 the wonderful opportunity to practice its horticultural skills. Their generosity makes the program possible!

Web Status, For May
KBytes  6,176,846  
Visits     18,373  
Pages     284,592  
Files     468,651  
Hits      509,266  
Web Status, For Past 12 Months
KBytes  44,377,580  
Visits     247,274  
Pages    1,701,267  
Files    3,651,547  
Hits     4,054,994  
Our Money as of 05/26/2001
Fund Needed Debit/Credit Total
The Adventure $900.00 - $0.00
Membership $500.00 - $0.00
Trailer $3,800.00 - $0.00
Camping Equipment $5,500.00 - $0.00
General Fund $3,000.00 - $6,777.38
Total On-Hand $13,700.00 Petty Cash $202.38
Adventure $0.00
Bank $6,575.00

The Crew's Money

James D. Corder Adult

Over the next few months we will be covering questions that seem to come up on a regular bases: On the back page of every "Adventure" is a monthly financial report. On the Crew's financial web page is a detail electronic ledger. The Crew submits quarterly to the Unit Committee financial statements. The Crew currently has $6,575.00 in the bank. The interest on the money goes into the "Unit Fund" (Pack, Troop, & Crew). The Unit Fund is used to purchase new equipment utilized by all three groups such as Tents, cook gear, etc. Though the money is in the Unit Fund the $6,575.00 is set aside for the Crew. None of the Advisors are on the signature card.

Eagles in Venturing!

James D. Corder Adult

I would like to know how a boy continues on his Eagle rank while a Venturer? What if this boy is not registered to a Troop? Do you still do a Boy Scout advancement form if he earns a merit badge? Does the Venturer go to the Eagle Board of Review in the Venturer Class "A" uniform? Please help me with these small questions. Thank you. Rob

Check with your Venturing District Executive for the rules of YOUR council...

Are you the Advisor of a Crew wanting to help a youth? Or, the one getting the Eagle?

Assuming your Crew will work on the Eagle Rank!!! a youth that has earned First Class or above in a Troop can continue to work on Eagle in the Crew. All forms for advancement in the Crew are the same as the Troop, for Eagle. Though a youth is 21 in a Crew one can not work on Eagle after 18 in the Crew. However, you can work on the higher awards such as Ranger and Quartermaster until you are 21. Therefore, the youth no longer needs to be registered with a Troop (After First Class) to earn Eagle in a Crew.

The Boy Scout advancement forms are used in Venturing. I understand you must fill them out even for the Bronze, Gold, Silver, and Ranger awards... Therefore, merit badges and Scouting Ranks will still use them.

I am both the Assistant Scout Master for Troop 369 and the Advisor for Crew 369. I would want my Venturing Youth in the Venturing Green Uniform. However, I don't know if that would hurt them with the district awards committee. You know your fellow Scouters better than I would:-)


Though I have several young men working on their Eagle in my Crew, I encourage them to stay with the Troop to get their Eagle. The Crew is focusing on the ranks after Eagle and therefore it might be hard to get the Eagle. Moreover, talk to the Advisor and make sure that s/he understands what is required to achieve Eagle. Many Advisors are converts from Exploring and therefore don't have a clue about Scouting Ranks.

I hope this has helped:-)


James D. Corder Adult

Hello, my name is Rebecca Faires and I am the president of Venture Crew 2 in Decatur, Texas. I was wondering how you recruit new members and how you keep them? My crew has a problem recruiting mature members that have a desire to lead in the crew. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks, I would love to hear from you.

Welcome to a typical Scouting problem! We too have this problem...

Call your scout office and ask your District Executive if you can have a copy of the career interest survey labels for your Crew's interest. Ok, if you council is anal like the Simon Kenton Council they will say Explorers Only. But if you have cool council that does the survey and they let you use them, WOW... The survey is a list of high school students that put down their career interest. They can print mailing labels within certain schools and/or zip codes. You choose the youth you want and mail them an invite to your program.

The BEST way is word of mouth. your youth invite members. Ok, most youth are afraid to talk to people. But if you get one that is willing, WOW...

Ask your local High Schools if you can give a presentation. Put up flyers, take an add out in the school paper.

Of course, don't forget that it is the unit secretary's job to write up news worthy articles to give to the local media:-) Barge "truthfully" about your unit. You never know when the small town paper will want to print information on your unit. Moreover, many local papers will let you announce special events in the paper for free. So, have an open house:-)

Membership is an evil catch 22, you have to have quality youth to get quality youth. Your youth will attract youth just like themselves:-) It has been said that less than 2% of the world are leaders. Therefore, you have to have at least 50 youth to find a leader... When you have gone through those 50 youth to find that one leader you unit will explode in size.


Keep it simple make it fun! How fun are your meetings? Good luck, I hope I have helped at least in some small way:-)

Venturing Camp

Cari Palmer Professional

Hello everyone! I just got off the phone with Doc Harvey, director of the Venturing Camp at Oyo this year. He said that enrollment for the camp is hovering at around 50 youth, and so they have decided to open it to older boy scouts (age 14 and up) as well. They do NOT need to be registered Venturers at the time, in hopes that this might spark some interest for them. Please promote this to everyone you see! Individuals can sign up; they will be put in a provisional crew when they arrive. For more information contact me at: (614) 436-7200

Saved from a Certain Death

Aaron Croyle 19

A few weeks ago while perusing the university surplus store I came upon two wonderful little fixer-upper projects. One an HP 17" Trinitron monitor (Sony OEM) and the other Sun Sparc Classic, sans hard drive. Well, all these needed was a little love and attention to get them back into useful application. A great deal of knowledge came along with incorporating these little gems in to my working environment.

The first item came with cabling for Sync-On-Green input, which unfortunately none of my video cards could produce. I found a wide variety of solutions for this, include $150 for a box that would convert normal PC video signals to sync-on-green (or $10 in parts from Radio Shack to build the same device), to a cable ranging from $15 to $70 that would take VGA output to the 5 BNC inputs the monitor could handle. In the end I ended up building one of these cables from 1 female to female DB-15 VGA cable, two of the Sync-On-Green, VGA to 3 BNC cables, and a few lengths of tape.

At this point you may be asking yourself, just what is that Sync-On-Green he keeps talking about? Well, this is one of the things I learn while working on this project. It turns out that monitors need 5 signals to produce an image: red, green, blue, horizontal sync, and vertical sync. The three color line tell the monitor how much of their color to use, and the two sync signals make sure the monitor aims the electron guns to the right place on the screen. There are a few different ways the industry has decided to deliver these signals.

The simplest of these is to use 5 wires, one for each of the signals. If you use a cable with BNC connectors, chances are fairly good that each line will be shielded. If you use a "regular" DB-15 connection most likely only the RGB lines will be shielded. Since the copper in the wires is not particularly cheap people devised ways to cut down the number of wires required to drive monitors. The result of one of these efforts was to combine the sync signals on to one line, called composite sync. This is achieved by sending one voltage pulse for the H-sync and different voltage for the V-sync. A further optimization of this approach was to put that signal on top of the green signal (sync-on-green) reducing the number of wires to just three.

My HP monitor would function with any of these inputs, but my computer only wanted to send out all five signals. So to construct the cable I had to learn what the pins in the VGA connector corresponded to (See Picture). To produce my cable I cut the VGA cable in half down the middle, and cut the VGA ends off the two VGA to 3-BNC cables. I stripped the rubber shielding completely off one of these so I could save the extra line. I then wrapped the other two from that cable around the first and taped them together in a few places. The next step was to use a circuit tester to find out what wire in the VGA cable needed to be connected to which in the BNC cable. That being done, I had youth member Will Talbert splice them together in the proper fashion, as he claimed to be knowledgeable in such maters. After putting tape around the splices we gave the cable a test with the circuit tester, and everything seemed to be in order.

Next up was to test it with my PC (Running RedHat 7.1). At first only the sync's and the blue signal were getting through, but as we pinched at the splices we eventually got all the colors to display. At this point we figured out that we had reversed the blue and green connections, which made for an odd display indeed, but that was soon remedied. It now sits next to my 15" PC monitor, that will eventually become a second "head" (display) for my computer, but more on that another time.

Stay tuned for information on net booting Sparc based workstations next month.
Pin  Discription              
1    Red out *                
2    Green out *              
3    Blue out *               
4    Monitor ID 2 in          
5    Ground                   
6    Red return               
7    Green return             
8    Blue return              
9    no pin                   
10   Sync return              
11   Monitor ID 0 in          
12   Monitor ID 1 in          
13   Horizonal Sync out       
14   Vertical Sync out        
15   reserved (monitor ID 3)  
VGA Pinout GIF

Ohio Amended Senate Bill 187 - CHILD PROTECTION STANDARDS

The Scouter

ON December 21, 2000, the Ohio General Assembly passed Amended Senate Bill 187. Shortly thereafter, the bill was signed into law by Governor Taft. It became effective March 22, 2001. The law requires that we notify all prospective and current volunteers who have or will have "unsupervised access to children on a regular basis that they may at any time be subject to a criminal records check".

"Unsupervised access to a child" is when either of the following applies: 1. No other person 18 years of age or older is present in the same room with the child; or 2. If outdoors, no other person 18 years of age or older is within a 3--yard radios of the child or has visual contact with the child.

Our standards for child protection that are already in place generally forbid any single volunteer to have "unsupervised access to children on a regular basis". Therefore, we do not expect this law to have any serious impact on the measures that are already in place for youth protection. however, we wish to emphasize The importance of always maintaining two-deep leadership: avoid, except in emergencies, "unsupervised access to children". You can anticipate that we will remind you of the law is requirements on an on-going basis in the newsletter, our web page, at rountablles and at training courses.

If you have any questions about the law or other aspects of youth protection, please contact Andy Patterson at 436-7200 or 1-800-433-4051.

New Leader Essential Training

The Scouter

This is set up for all adult positions in Scouting, (Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, and Venturing Leaders). This session will be held on Tuesday, August 21, 2001, at east columbus Christian Church. The location is 1055 McNaughten Road. Take the Reynoldsburg, Main Street exit off of I-270. Turn east toward Reynoldsburg at the first stop light turn left. The church is on the left. Registration begins at 6:30P.M. - program at 7:00 P.M. and will be over by 9:30 P.M. The charge for this session is $4.00.

Muirfield: A Great Success

Heather Ward 19

For my second year, I was proud to be a part of our flower-planting project at the Muirfield golf course, home of the Memorial Tournament. We had the honor of being asked to plant flowers around Jack Nicklaus' house itself. But the most meaningful day for me was the last day of planting. We worked on hills in hole 15 rough. When I first looked at the size and grade of the slope, I wondered if we were going to finish it that day at all. We split up the work and once we figured out how to approach it as a team, we finished by 1:00. I was then moved to a steeper hill, where I was given no choice but to lay on my stomach in order to not slip down. I know I wouldn't have been able to do it a few years ago, but not only did I climb on a slope like this, but I planted and had a great time doing it. On our last day alone, we planted 3000 plants. I was very proud of our group and what we accomplished.

369 plants flowers at Muirfield 369 plants flowers at Muirfield
More Photos
369 plants flowers at Muirfield

Our Web Page

James D. Corder Adult

In the past 30 days we have had several Advisors and soon to be Advisors ask about our program, to better their program and/or start a new unit, because of our web page. We have even been in contact with the Juneau Economic Development Council about assisting a new unit in Juneau Alaska. As many of you already know 369's web sight was voted 3rd best Scouting Web Site in the World by "Topsites". Couple that with breaking 7,000,000 hits this month, well I have begun to take a closer look at our page.

I must admit that I am extremely proud of our youth. We have examples of Java, Javascript, PHP, Flash, and even FrontPage in our site. Aaron Croyle's Flash Samples have been downloaded 3,318 combined times. Good work Aaron. Joe Harvey's Java Game, our scrolling Columbus Sky Line, and other Java Games have been downloaded 7,419 combined times. The main page containing an animated (JavaScript) slide show of pictures has been download 610,263 times itself. All of our pages contain PHP scripts. In fact we replaced CGI with PHP almost a year ago. We even several times had people attempted Style Sheets within our page, but never successfully pull it off. (yet)

I am so very pleased with the exponential growth the page has taken and the dedication the youth have for it and its impact on future generations of Scouters.

Tri-Creek District Dinner

The Scouter

The Tri-Creek District held it's annual awards dinner at Campo Lazarus on Saturday April 8th, 2001. Thanks go to Karen Lewis, Jeff Vanderbark & their committee. Thanks also to Anna Has and her staff at Camp Lazarus for their hospitality. The following scouters were recognized for their work within the district. We also thank every person in the district who helps make Tri-Creek go. District Award of Merit: David R. McKean, John Sorenson & C.D. Via Tri Creek Award: Roy Arnett, Pat Bader, David Burger, Steve Childres, Linda Gerken, Kevin Loy, Joan Marbais, Mark Shelton, Scott Simpson & Ed White Scoutermaster of the Year: Michael Sheward Cubmaster of the Year: Lucy Jackson Advisor of the Year: (oops no such award!) Eagle Project of the Year: John Kruse Troop 26 Den Leader of the Year: Cindy Braden, James A. Carpenter, Michael Durst, Ted Habek, Steve Murray & Ken Weekley Commissioner of the Year: David R. McKean Star of Scouting: Carmella Adair, Dan Baker, Maia Briggs, Dennis Metchel, Sonia Moffat, Dale Simon, Harold Staniford, Dave Warthman, George Winter & Vance York

Quote of the Month


A friend is one who believes in you when you have ceased to believe in yourself.

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