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August 31, 1999

Ho-Sheng Hsiao
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Planned Agenda

Ho-Sheng Hsiao

  • Presentation Rehersal

    We'd like to do a dry run through the school presentation. Neil Coplin has the outline. I'm expecting a few of our current Crew members to join in as the audience.

  • Put together the package

    This is the package we'll be dropping off to our contacts at the school. Again, refer to Neil Coplin's post for it's contents.

  • Network the Sun IPCs together.

    Bill Schwanitz got the terminal working on his IPC. He'd like to get the Merlin program working.

Please forward any other things we need to go over on the next meeting. Monday evening or Tuesday morning, I'll have the version sent out that we'll be putting on the Web and printed out.

Bill Schwanitz:

Hey guys, I sat down after finding my din8-DB25M cord.. I stuck a null-modem adapter in the middle, attached a db25M to db25M cable up to it (true cable, not a patch cord and plastic connector thingies..) and it works.

I am going to hunt like a mad man to find this type of calbe that we can get.. I am going to look for a cable that is din8 to db25M which is also a null-modem adapter...

I just though everyone might like to know about it :->

Also, Mr. Orrick will not be attending the next meeting, he has another obligation which he commited to prior to the 'Crew. Mr. Corder, if you were going to have something for him (ie paperwork) go ahead and bring it, I can relay it for you it you like.


In Attendence:
Mr. James D. Corder, Mr. Andrew P. Drake
Jason Cunningham, Ho-Sheng Hsiao, Bill Schwanitz, Jim Sher, Jack Trout

Activities and Topics Covered:

  • Folded the Adventurer Flyer

  • We discussed Patrol Structure

    There were concerns that dividing the Patrols by school district might cause the Crew to break down. The question was put to the Crew to come up with a solution. In addition, this also includes how many numbers, who does what.

    We came up with the following:

    • Patrol Structure remains organized by geography.

      This has the advantage of organizing by rides, Patrol meetings, and having something in common already.

    • We will also organize by speciality and by rank

      So in addition to the Patrol, you also belong to other specialities on top of that. Someone who is interested in web technologies will have a projects and classes in web technologies that cut across the Patrol structures. This allows us to have Patrols stabalized by Speciality or Class, and have Classes stablized by Patrols.

    • We will start out with medium-sized Patrols.

      This will allow the officer core to have time to adjust to the Patrols, without dividing the crew up into too many small peices.

  • We scheduled a planning meeting on Sunday, September 5th 5:00 PM at Kingsdale Caribou.
  • We discussed the status of Schools

    • Upper Arlington

      Jason Cunningham and Jack Trout have talked with Mr. Starr of Upper Arlington. Both say they will approach Mr. Edwards as well.

    • Worthington

      Bill Schwanitz plans on dropping the packets off at Thomas Worthington. He is awaiting a call from Worthington Kilbourne.

    • Hilliard

      Ho-Sheng Hsiao plans on calling again, and will drop off packets.

    • Westerville

      Ho-Sheng Hsiao will drop off packets to Westerville South, and plans on calling again to Westerville North.

    • Gahanna

      No one has called. At the time of the meeting, no one has volunteered.

  • We discussed financial planning.
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