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Basic Leadership Course

Our Instructor
Table of Contents
  • Crew 369's Bylaws
  • Our Program
  • Patrols
  • How To Earn Money
  • Venture Program
  • What You Say Is What You Get!
  • Planning and Setting Goals!
  • Technical Writing
  • Success!
  • Making A Difference!
  • The Winning Spirit!
  • A Better Family Life!
  • Your Future Begins With You!
  • Leadership
  • The Successful Meeting!
  • A Business Of Your Own!
  • Mentorship!
  • Your Resume
  • Getting a "Good" Job
  • Corporate Attire!
  • Everything in life is a sales game!
  • Personal Success!
  • Introduction to Personal Finances!
  • Major Domo Mail Reflector
  • Indexes
  • Chapter, Title
    1 Crew 369's Bylaws
    • Our Code
    • Our Purpose
    • Our Mission
    • Our Objectives
    • Direct and Indirect Benefits of Participation
    • The Venturing Oath
    • Mail Reflector & Net News
    • Likeness
    • Crew Advancement:
    • Crew Positions:
    • Youth Positions
    • Our Principles
    • Our Creed:
    • Our's Experience Areas:
    • Operations
    2 Our Program
    • Crew Goals
    • Crew Program Planning
    • Program Goals
    • Program Methods
    • Key Factors for Successful Operations
    • What is Venturing?
    • Unauthorized and Restricted Activities
    3 Patrols
    • Crew Patrols
    • Patrol Positions
    • Patrol Names and Signs
    • Patrol Meetings & Activities
    • Acceptable Patrol Names
    • All About Patrols
    • Organizing Patrols
    • Do Patrols Last Forever?
    • The Baden-Powell Patrol
    4 How To Earn Money
    • Planning a Money-Earning Project
    • 40 Money Earning Ideas:
    5 Venture Program
    • Crew Program Planning
    • Program Goals
    • Program Methods
    • Key Factors for Successful Operations
    • What is Venturing?
    • Unauthorized and Restricted Activities
    6 What You Say Is What You Get!
    7 Planning and Setting Goals!
    • 10 Tips to make your presentation more interesting and effective
    • Setting Goals
    • Sample Points To Emphasize for a Presentation on Your Career!
    • Suggestions for Presentations
    8 Technical Writing
    • Introduction
    • Know Your Audience
    • Set Objectives
    • Planning Organization
    • Writing and Revising
    • Style and Tone
    9 Success!
    • True Success is helping one life for the better!
    10 Making A Difference!
    • Count for something!
    • Be The One
    11 The Winning Spirit!
    • Our Principals:
    • Our Creed:
    • Our Code:
    • The Scout Law:
    • The Winning Spirit!
    • 3 steps to accomplish your dreams: (Bill Britt)
    12 A Better Family Life!
    • Family Values
    13 Your Future Begins With You!
    • All of your decisions have consequences.
    14 Leadership
    15 The Successful Meeting!
    • Fail to plan, plan to fail.
    Chapter, Title
    16 A Business Of Your Own!
    • What is "A Business?"
    • Business Eidetic
    17 Mentorship!
    • It is time to be a Mentor!
    • Types of Mentorship
    • Who is a Mentor
    • The Mentor Relationship
    • Leadership is a lifetime journey
    18 Your Resume
    • Your Current Resume
    • What is a Resume
    • The Cover Letter
    • What should be put into a resume
    • What Not to put into a resume
    • Types of Resumes
    19 Getting a "Good" Job
    • What is a job!
    • The Interview
    • The Wait
    • Highering Manager
    20 Corporate Attire!
    • Why the need for "Dress for Success"?
    • What does your personal appearance say about you?
    • The importance of understanding place and time.
    • The Basic Elements of Successful Dressing
    • When it's time to retire a piece of clothing.
    • Conservatism versus Flashy: When is it appropriate to wear the latest styles?
    • Clothes that match? What ever happened to "Grrranimals"?
    • Power Colors and Colors to Avoid
    • Differentiating Between "Business Casual" and Formal Business Attire
    • The Interview
    • Day to Day
    • Components to Any Business Wardrobe
    • Notes on Care and Feeding of the Animals: How to take care of what you own.
    • Spending Money: When Everything is Relative
    • The Interview
    • Elements of Personal Hygiene
    21 Everything in life is a sales game!
    • I hate to sell!
    • Nothing happens until somebody sells something
    • Statistics
    • Success
    • The Tie Down
    • The reason you don't is that you're in conflict with yourself. This conflict comes about because the push forward of your wants and needs can't overcome the push backward of your fears and anxieties.
    • The pain of every change is forgotten when the benefits of that change are realized.
    • Five ways to hover until you're ready to fly
    • The presentation (demonstration) is nothing more than the preparation for the close.
    • Seventeen minutes are all you've got
    • Handling Objections
    • The Close
    • How to sell your way out of a slump
    22 Personal Success!
    • Steps to Success
    • Success is the pursuit of a worthy, worthwhile dream or goal!
    • All my "real" friends stuck with me. All those who I thought were my friends laught at me and stabbed me in my back!
    • Do the struggle once and enjoy the victory for ever!
    • Success is 98% attitude and 2% knowledge!
    • Your marriage is not stable when your house has wheels!
    • Don't talk about your mountain! Talk about the other side, and the mountain will become a mist!
    • The reason some men do not success is because their wisdom is where their backbone should be!
    • Never one thing and seldom one person can make for a success. It takes a number of them merging into one perfect whole [Marie Dressler]
    • We can do anything we want to if we stick to it long enought! [Helen Keller]
    • The most important signle ingredient in the formula of success is the knack of getting along with people. [Theodore Rosevelt]
    23 Introduction to Personal Finances!
    • Where your income goes!
    • Your Income
    24 Major Domo Mail Reflector
    • Finding Out Which Lists Are on This System
    • Subscribing to a List
    • Unsubscribing From Mailing List
    • Finding the lists to which an address is subscribed
    • Finding out who's subscribed to a list
    • Retrieving files from a list's archieves
    • Command summary for advanced users
    25 Indexes
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