Is Your Site Good Enough?

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    Scoring the STWA

    • Junior Judge's vote counts 25%
    • Judge's vote counts 100%
    • Senior Judge's vote counts 200%

    If a Senior Judge voted None for a site, while a Judge voted Bronze, The site would have two points for None and one point for Bronze. Therefore, five Junior Judges would have to vote Bronze or there would be more votes for None and the site would not receive an award.

    Moreover, if a Senior Judge voted None for a site, four Junior Judges were to vote Silver, and a Judge voted Bronze, The four Junior Judges scoure would elminate one vote for None. Therefore, the site would have one vote for None and one vote for Bronze. Hince, these two votes would cancel each other out leaving the site with no points, and of course, no award.

    It is better to Not give out any awards than to give a poor site an award!

    Unfortunetly, many Junior Judges quit because they do not feel their voting means anything. We honestly hope that they can make it through the six months probationary period and become a full fledge Judge. This time period is for the STWA committee to see if the candidate will full fill their obligations to the STWA pannel.

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