The Venturing Program Miscellaneous

The Age Group:
The Venturing Program is a coeducational program for young men and women between the ages of 14, and in high school, to 21.

  • This is a unique age group. To old to be children but with a enough youth in them to still want to have fun.
  • They don't want to be treated like children.
  • They still want to enjoy life with a youthful zest!
  • They are looking for unconditional love and respect.
  • They want Adult leaders that set an example, not dictators.
  • They want Adults that will forgive and forget the many mistakes that come with youth.
  • They want a place to belong.
  • They want to make new friends.
Why Boy Scouts?
We have to admit that Boy Scouts of America's program is based on the highest of morales. Boy Scouts has years of building strong character and leadership skills in their youth. They have a vast wealth of knowledge and resources to barrow from.

Boy Scouts of America has decades of developing Youth Ministry programs.

What's unique about Venturing?
Venturing combines the high moral standards of Boy Scouts and the religous virtues of Youth Ministries to create an empowering program to develop the religous foundation that will carry your young adults throughout their lifes.
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