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1997 ExpNews

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Explorer Post 369's "The ExpNews"
HTML Title PostScript PDF
January Exp369's Brother Unit in AU! PS-457Kb PDF-742Kb
February Up-an-Coming Events! PS-216Kb PDF-99Kb
March Our Floor is a foot! PS-198Kb PDF-223Kb
April Linux, Toy or Real OS? PS-640Kb PDF-1Mb
May Movies and the Future! PS-391Kb PDF-618Kb
June DES Security Broken PS-391Kb PDF-101Kb
July Intellectual Property PS-859Kb PDF-101Kb
August The Eagle & Queen Scout PS-228Kb PDF-1.7Mb
September Fall Camporee PS-580Kb PDF-719Kb
October Sun Sues Microsoft
& Dec Sues Intel
PS-202Kb PDF-175Kb
November Starting a Corporate Web Page! PS-139Kb PDF-63Kb
December Happy Birthday Post 369! PS-293Kb PDF-342Kb
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