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STWA Gold Award Winner!
STWA Web-Ring
- 1 -
An EXCELLENT, OUTSTANDING Site where it can be seen that the webmaster, troop, and Scoutmaster has worked to make this site a success. A Very easy and nice navigation interface. Very Fast loading pages. A HUGE amount of content, resources, etc. Contacts. Scouting links. [This level is a true honor to receive since there are only 2 sites in the world that have this level of our award!]
WebFlier's Wings Award
- 2 -
Your web site has been chosen by our staff as useful, fun, exciting, looks great, and is just plain good to know about. As a result, we have chosen to put a link to your site from ours. We have also AWARDED you the WINGS award! This is a highly sought after award!
LB-P Award Icon
A Lord Baden-Powell
Award Site

- 3 -
On behalf of the Lord Baden-Powell Awards Team, I am honored to inform you that your site has qualified for the QUALITY UNIT WEBSITE AWARD, our highest recognition for a Scouting (or Exploring!) Unit / organization-based Website.

Your very-high-quality effort has satisfied our stringent evaluation criteria in a satisfactory manner. It is our hope that other Scouting webmasters world-wide, will utilize award-winning Scout-sites like Explorer Post 369's as an example when initiating their organization's WWW publishing efforts.

Our warmest congratulations for all of your hard work. Just a personal note to say that when we first visited Post 369's pages, we were impressed! Our more recent visits to your `new-and-improved' site left us amazed! Your site is content rich, and very well written. You've done a GREAT job!

The Nielsen Web Sites & Business Graphics Bronze Award
- 4 -
I enjoyed surfing your site, and I am sure everybody else will too. Therefore, we are proud to present you with the NWSBG Bronze Award!


- 5 -

Your site has been chosen to receive the True Style Award. We were impressed with the work you put into your site.

Snin Award
- 6 -
Congratulations. After extensive review of your site, by our Neutral award board composed by 3 Professional persons:

Fredi Rankol (Judge in the court of Law)
Brian Hatcherg (Master Graphic Designer)
Jaren Magnusson (System , Network & Internet Engineer)

You have won the SNIN Nominee Award.

Family-Friendly Site
- 7 -
Freedom of speech is an extremely important right of all citizens. However, all citizens also have a right to live without being molested verbally, visually, emotionally or physically. While some proponents of absolute and total freedom of speech place that right above seemingly all other citizen rights, we are not here to make judgement on that opinion. In fact, we understand the reasons why many feel so strongly about freedom of speech in light of abuses by many past and present governments.
Market-Tek Design Award
- 8 -
Congratulations! After reviewing your site, we are pleased to present you with the Market-Tek Design Award! In reviewing sites for our award, we look at content, graphics, the purpose of the page, and the experience of the page writer.
Ravi's Elite Site Award
- 9 -


Congratulations! Your Web site has been selected to win an Elite Site Award. This award signifies that your site contains quality content and has skillful design. Your site has been chosen to be an "elite" site.

Your site has been judged to contain quality content, design and HTML expertise and is among the best of the Web.

Elite Site Award (award mentioned in Wall Street Journal 2/18/97) is to honor Web sites that are both visually appealing, and informative. The design of a site is very important, but the content is even more so. Only sites that meet these two very important requirements can be awarded. But in order to be an "elite" site, a Web site must surpass these two prerequisites.

  • The site must be unique, or in some way
  • stand out above the rest.
It is for these reason, that people find it so hard to win this award.

- 10 -


Congratulations, You are a winner of the Nomination Members WS Award. You are one of the sites which is nominated for the Week and Month Award site winners. Once again Congratulations that you are one of the winners of the M.N. WS Award and wish you good luck at the further rounds.
Star Award
- 11 -


Award Net is proud to present the "Venturing Crew 369" web site with one of our "Most Prestigious Awards", the "Star Award"

This award is not given lightly. The web site was thoroughly reviewed/critiqued prior to award consideration. We are pleased to report, your web site received a rating of "Outstanding" in the "Star Award" category. Well done!!

From all of us at Award Net, again, "CONGRATULATIONS", "Nice Web Site"

StarSaber's Award
- 12 -


Congratulations! Mr. Corder Your web site has won the StarSaber's Award. My compliments on a job well done. George Rowe, StarSaber's Award, Member of the Awards Sites.
Golden Globe Award of Excellence
- 13/16 -


Dear Mr. Corder, Congratulation! You have been chosen for the Web Creation's Award Winner:
  • Golden Globe of Excellence
  • Award of Excellence and
  • Award of Elegance (Both Levels). I have visited your web site and found it to be fantastic, very well design. I really enjoy visiting your site.
  • Award of Excellence
    Award of Elegance
    Award of Elegance
    A+ Web Design Approved
    - 17 -


    Dear 369, I have reviewed your site. A+ Web Design Approved You have won the A+ Web Design Approved award. Your site is well designed and is an interesting addition to the world wide web!
    F.G. Exceptional Website Award
    - 18 -


    We are pleased to award your fine site with our Exceptional Website Award for the overall quality and content of your work. There was obviously a tremendous amount of labour that went into the preparation of the site. We present no second place awards so this can justly be viewed with pride of accomplishment.
    People's Choice Award
    - 19 -

    Congratulations! You have won the Good People's Choice Award

    We have visited your web site and are proud to give you the Good People's Choice Award. This award is very different because the meaning of it is to promote honest, moral and ethical good values on the Internet.

    When you place the Good People's Choice Award on your web page you are letting others know that you adhere to these principles. This award helps all of us to promote honesty and worthwhile content throughout the Internet.

    Critical Mass (CM) Award
    - 20 -
    Hello MR. Corder!

    Congratulations!!... Your site definitely qualifies for the "Critical Mass Award". A very nice site, excellent design, clever original graphics, great photos, and your content is informative, entertaining, presented well and easy to access. A *worthy* enterprise and a positive contribution to the Web.

    Thanks for helping make the Web a more interesting, fun and attractive place to visit. I really enjoyed my visit to your site and will return again when time permits :)

    Cheers,... Bill Darling

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