Explorer Post 369's 1997 Calendar of Events

January, 1997
January 2-10 Australian Mega10
January 7No Meeting
January 13EOA Meeting
January 12Committee Meeting, Maurer's
January 14No Meeting
January 15Youth Protection Training, 12:00pm
January 16Youth Protection Training, 7:00pm
January 17Return from Australia
January 18-9EOA Ski Trip: Peek-n'Peek, NY
January 21Post Meeting
January 28Post Meeting

February, 1997 [Winter Camping]
February 1Cout-of-Honor & Dinner
February 1Church Sleep Over
February 2Scout Sunday
February 4Post Meeting
February 11Post Meeting
February 12Committee Meeting, Maurer's
February 18Post Meeting
February 19Basic Leader Training, 12:00 & 7:00pm
February 25Post Meeting

March, 1997 [Communications]
March 1Exp Awards Nominations Due
March 1Maple Syrup Festival
March 3EOA Officer Nomination Due
March 4Post Meeting
March 11Post Meeting
March 12Committee Meeting, Weller's
March 14-16Campout
March 16 Post 369's Officer Meeting
March 17 EOA Elections
March 18Post Meeting
March 21ExpNews Deadline
March 23Palm Sunday
March 25Post Meeting
March 28Good Friday
March 30Easter

April, 1997 [Cooking]
April 1Post Meeting
April 5 Scout Show
April 8Post Meeting
April 12 Rappelling Trip
April 13Rappelling Raindate
April 15Post Meeting
April 16Committee Meeting, Niedzielski's
April 22Post Meeting
April 25ExpNews Deadline
April 25-27OA Campout
April 29Post Meeting

May, 1997 [Fishing]
May 1 Recognition Dinner
May 6Post Meeting
May 13Post Meeting
May 16-18Campout
May 19EOA Meeting
May 20Post Meeting
May 21Committee Meeting, Gauger's
May 23ExpNews Deadline
May 27Post Meeting
May 30,31Trade-O-Ree

June, 1997 [Summer Camp]
June 3Post Meeting
June 7 Exploring Officers' Association
Officers Training 9:00am/3:00pm
Riverside Hospital
June 10Post Meeting
June 16 Exploring Officers' Association
Officers Meeting 6:00p.m.
Riverside Hospital
June 17Putt Putt & Go Carts, $5.00
June 18Committee Meeting, Thornton's
June 20ExpNews Deadline
June 24Post Meeting
June 29-July 5 Summer Camp

July, 1997 [Fingerprinting]
July 1No Meeting
July 8Post Meeting
July 12 & 13 Mohican Wilderness Adventure
Exploring Summer Event
Mohican Wilderness, Glenmont, OH
July 15Post Meeting
July 18Committee Meeting, Street's
July 19Explorer Post 369 Officer's Meeting
July 22Post Meeting
July 25ExpNews Deadline
July 28-Aug5 1997BSA Jamboree
July 29 Guest Speaker C. Matt Curtin
Cheif Sicentist Megasoft
Topic: Breaking DES Security

August, 1997
August 5Post Meeting
August 12Post Meeting
August 14 Exploring Kick-off
Columbus Museum of Art 7:00p.m.
August 18 Exploring Officers' Association
Officers Meeting 6:30p.m.
Riverside Hospital
August 1711:30am Committee Pot-Luck
August 173:30pm Re-Build Network
August 19Post Meeting
August 20No Committee Meeting
August 22ExpNews Deadline
August 22-24Campout
August 243:30pm Re-Build Network
August 26Post Meeting

September, 1997
September 2Post Meeting
September 9Post Meeting
September 12-14Canoeing Campout
September 14Post Officer's Meeting
Wrote Proposal to attend LISA
September 15 Explorer Officer Meeting
Location TBA 7:00p.m.
September 16Post Meeting
September 17Committee Meeting, ?'s
September 2020 Mile Bike Hike
September 23Post Meeting
September 26ExpNews Deadline
September 30Post Meeting
September 30Membership Committee Meeting

October, 1997
October 7Post Meeting
October 11 Exploring Fall Adventure
Location TBA
October 14Post Meeting
October 15 Youth Protection Training
Boy Scout Service Center 7:00p.m.
October 16Committee Meeting, ?'s
October 16 Youth Protection Training
Boy Scout Service Center 12:00p.m.
October 17-19 Fall Camporee The Challenge Never Ends
October 20 Explorer Officer Association (EOA)
Officer Meeting
Riverside Hospital, 6:30pm
October 21Post Meeting
October 24ExpNews Deadline
October 24-26Campout
October 28Post Meeting, Halloween Party

November, 1997
November 1 Post Registration
$15.00 per member
November 1Popcorn Sales Start
November 4Post Meeting
November 9Planning Meeting
November 11Open House
November 12 Basic Leader Training
Boy Scout Service Center 12:00p.m.
November 13 Basic Leader Training
Boy Scout Service Center 7:00p.m.
November 17 Explorer Officer Meeting
Location TBA 7:00p.m.
November 16Planning Meeting
November 18 New Member Registration
James D. Corder Teaches UNIX
November 19Post Committee Meeting
November 21Popcorn Sales Due
November 25 Post Meeting
James D. Corder Teaches UNIX
Pizza, we all chip in!
November 28ExpNews Deadline

December, 1997
December 2 Post Meeting
Karl N. Matthias Teaches UNIX
December 9 Post Meeting
James D. Corder Teaches UNIX
December 12ExpNews Deadline
December 16 Post Meeting
James D. Corder Teaches UNIX
Pizza, we all chip in!
December 17Committee Meeting, ?'s
December 19

Silver Beaver
Nominations are due
December 20, 21 St. Stephens
Food Drive
December 23No Meeting
December 25Christmas
December 30 No Meeting
Leave for Australia
December 31 Deadline to apply for
National Young American Awards.

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