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1995 ExpNews

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Explorer Post 369's "The ExpNews"
HTML Title PostScript PDF
January - Lost -
February CyberSpace Jamboree PS-71Kb PDF-13Kb
March Area Conference on Exploring PS-81Kb PDF-26Kb
April S.A.T.A.N. Software PS-163KB PDF-62KB
May Summer Camp is around the corner! PS-279Kb PDF-111Kb
June Explorer Post 369 Now Has Their Own Meeting Room PS-87Kb PDF-12Kb
July Ode to Toadies PS-167Kb PDF-84Kb
August The Post has been meeting for a year! PS-129Kb PDF-64Kb
September Post UNIX Competitions PS-61Kb PDF-27Kb
October The War of Computers PS-111Kb None
November The Toy Story! PS-61Kb PDF-27Kb
December A Goal is a Dream Taken Seriously! PS-211Kb PDF-104Kb
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