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February Campout
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Living in the Open
Wearing the Uniform
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February ExpNews

1998 Toadie Campout

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(C) Mon Feb 16 10:15:33 EST 1998 Explorer Post 369

Calendar of Events:

Friday 20
Meet at the Church 6:00pm
Leave for Camp Longhorn 6:30pm
Arrive at Camp Longhorn 7:45pm
Set up
Saturday 21
Breakfast & Cleanup 8:00am
Totten Chit 10:00am
Firemen Chit 11:00am
Lunch & Clean up 12:00noon
Free Time/Hike
Dinner & Cleanup 5:00pm
Gather Wood for Campfire 5:00pm
Campfire 8:00pm
Cracker Barrel 9:00pm
Sunday 22
Breakfast & Cleanup 8:00am
Pack up Cars 9:00am
Leave for Home 10:30
Parent's should meet us at the Church 12:00


Name Total in Car
Mr. Corder 3
Mr. Jones 4
Mr. Niedzielski 3
Mr. Potter 4

Quote of the Month

Scouting is a school of the out-of-doors!

Purpose of this Campout

James D. Corder
1. Have Fun
2. Build Unit Spirit
3. Teach Outdoor Skills
4. Make the Toadies Feel WelcomE

Living in the Open


Camping is the joyous part of a Scout's life. Living out in God's open air, among the hills and the trees, and the birds and the beasts, and the sea and the rivers - that is, living with nature, having your own little canvas home, doing your own cooking and exploration - all this brings health and happiness which as you can never get among the bricks and smoke of the town.

Hiking, too, where you go father afield, exploring new places every day, is a glorious adventure. It strengthens you and hardens you so that you won't mind wind and rain, heat and cold. You take them all as they come, feeling that sense of fitness that enables you to face any old trouble with a smile, knowing that you will concur in the end.

But, of course, to enjoy camping and hiking, you must know how to do it properly.

You have to know how to put up a tent or a hut for yourself; how to lay and light a fire; how to cook your food; how to tie logs together to make a bridge or a raft; how to find your way by night, as well as by day, in a strange country, and many other things.

Very few fellows learn these things when they are living in civilized places, because they have comfortable houses, and soft beds to sleep in. There food is prepared for them, and when they want to know the way, they just ask a policeman.

Well, when those fellows try to go scouting or exploring, they find themselves quite helpless.

Take even your sports "hero" and put him down in the wildernesses, alongside a fellow trained in camping, and see which can look after himself. High batting averages are not much good to him there. He is only a "tenderfoot".

Cost Per Person:

Food $10.00
Cabin Fee $5.00
Total $15.00

Cost is based on 10 people. Even with more people attending the price should stay the same. [more food will need to be purchased]. Profits, if any, will be put towards the floor fund.

Longhorn Lodge Transformed into a sleeping lodge, but was once the Dinning Hall, commissary and trading post. Offers a 6 burner Natural gas stove with a large griddle. Adequate kitchen space for those who need elbow room. Two bathrooms and two separate sleeping areas. Gas heat for winter use. Will sleep 15 to 20 on the floor.

The LeVeque Scout Reservation was given to the Simon Kenton Council BSA in 1957. The Reservation's 1,126 acres were developed into two patrol cooking summer camps: Longhorn and Buckeye. Upon the acquisition of Camp Falling Rock, the summer camping programs were transferred to that location and LeVeque facility was not developed further. At present, the camps are used for cub day camps, training events and numerous weekend camping.

From the chruch we will travel Hamilton Road south to US33 South/East to Logan Ohio. From US33 we will take US328 North to Boy Scout Road. Ranger Phone Number (###) ###-####

Wearing the Uniform


The Scout kit, through its uniformity, now constitutes a bond of brotherhood among boys across the world.

The correct wearing of the Uniform and smartness of turnout of the individual Scout makes him a credit to our Movement. It shows his pride in himself and in his Unit.

One slovenly Scout, on the other hand, inaccurately dressed may let down the whole Movement in the eyes of the public. Show me such a fellow and I can show you one who has not grasped the true Scouting Spirit and who takes no pride in his membership of our great Brotherhood.


Josh Crcoran Friday Night Cracker Barrel Snacks 1/2 Gallon of Coolaide Saturday Breakfast French Toast Per Person: 4 Slices of Bread 2 Eggs 4 Links of (Turkey) Sausages 1 Potato - Hash Brown 1 Orange For the Group 1 Bottle of Syrup 1 Bag of Powdered Sugar 1/2 Gallon of Coolaide Saturday Lunch Chilli Per 10 People: 2lb Ground Beef 2 Lg Can Stewed Tomatoes 1 Lg Box Macaroni 1 Bag of Shredded Cheese 1 Large White Onion 10 Apples For the Group: 1 Box of Crackers 1 Gallon of Coolaide Saturday Dinner Pot of Gold Per 10 People: 2lb Ground Beef 2 Tubes of Biscuits Dough 1 Bag Shredded Cheese 1 Jar Ragu Sauce 1 Large White Onion 2 Green Mango's [Peppers] 2 Corn Bread Mix 2 Eggs 2 Cups of Milk 1 Gallon of Coolaide 4lb Bag of pre-made salad 1 Lg bottle/Italian Dressing Saturday Cracker Barrel Cobbler 2 Cans Cherie Pie Filling 2 Boxes White Jiffy Cake Mix 1 Box White Jiffy Icing 2 Eggs 1/2 Cup Milk 2 Cans Apple Pie Filling 2 Boxes White Jiffy Cake Mix 1 Box White Jiffy Icing 2 Eggs 1/2 Cup Milk 1/2 Gallon of Coolaide Doughnuts 1 LARGE Tub Grease 4 Tubes of Biscuits Dough

Re-Use Powder Sugar from Breakfast Sunday Breakfast Pancakes & Eggs Per Person: 4 Eggs 1 Cup of Milk For the Group: 1 LARGE box of BisQuick 1 Bottle of Syrup Misc.: 3 Bag of Match-light Charcoal 1 Bottle Oil 3 Rolls Paper Towels 4 Rolls Toilet Paper 1 Roll Aluminum Foil Cost Per Person: Food $10.00 Cabin Fee Per Person $5.00 Total $15.00

Everyone will supply their own eating equipment: Plate, Bowl, Cup, Fork, Knife, Spoon.

Grochery List 4 Adults/6 Youth

Matchlight	8.99
Cherry Drk Mix	1.69
Strbry Drk Mix	1.69
Grape Drk Mix	1.69
Biscuits Tubes	1.59	4-Pack
Biscuits Tubes	1.59	4-Pack
Grd Turkey	1.69	Tube
Grd Turkey	1.69	Tube
Grd Turkey	1.69	Tube
Corn Oil	2.29
Manwich	2.29
Shortening	1.89
Gl Milk		2.49
Apl Pie Fill	.99
Vry Chry	1.79
Stewed Toma	.99
Stewed Toma	.99
4lb Grd Beef	4.31
4lb Grd Beef+	5.30
Italian Salid	2.99
Rigate Noodles	1.19
Saltines	.89
Pancake Mix	1.29
Aple Pie Fill	.99
Kidney Beans	.40
Swis Mis Ch	3.69
Vry Chry	1.79
Kidney Beans	.39
Cake Mix	.49
Muffin Mix	1.00
Cake Mix	.98
Frosting Mix	.98
Oranges	2.98
Oranges	2.98
Russet Potat	.88
Colby Cheese	3.49
Yel Onions	1.18
MC Chili Mix	.99
MC Chili Mix	.99
Shred Chs	1.19
Powder Sugar	1.19
Lg Green Pep	1.78
Salad 1lb	1.50
Salad 1lb	1.50
Salad 1lb	1.50
Red Apples	2.59
Bread		1.29
Bread		1.29
54 Eggs	5.07

Tax	.81

Donated:	20.50
3 Roles of paper towles
1-4pk Toilet paper
Hand Soap
Dish Soap
A. Foil

More Shreaded Cheese

Camping checklist

Scout Handbook

The items listed below will be necessary to insure your health and comfort while participating in the activities planned for a weekend trip. It is also recommended that you bring a game, book, or other item to help occupy his time during rest periods.

Please, NO radios or other sound emitting devices; knives with blades longer than three (3) inches or requiring sheaths, Aerosol sprays, or anything that has a high monetary or sentimental value. We have discovered that things have ways of being misplaced or broken on camp outs!

All food and drink that you will need for the weekend will be provided for a nominal fee decided upon by you and the other members of the Post. However, you should consider bringing snacks. ALL clothing items that you take should be permanently marked with your name. We frequently end up with a pile of dirty clothing after the campout with no one willing to claim anything in it. This pile is thrown away. The Adults are not responsible for your belongings.

The following equipment, clothing, and personal items are recommended. However, if you do not have a specific item, a substitution should be made to provide similar functionality.

   Foam pad/air mattress
   Sleeping Bag
   Ground cloth
   Flashlight with extra batteries
   Pocket knife
   Pencil and Paper
   Mosquito repellent
   Scout Handbook
   Personal First Aid kit
   Sewing kit
   Eating kit
   - Spoon
   - Fork
   - knife
   - Plate
   - Bowl
   - Cup
   Underwear (2 pair)
   Socks (3 pair)
   Long Underwear (not cotton)
   Gloves (2 pair)*
   Heavy Jacket*
   Long sleeve shirt (2)
   Extra Pants (2 pair)
   Extra pair of shoes
Personal Hygiene
   Toilet paper in zip-lock bag
   Wash cloth
   Hand towel
   2 large trash bags
   Soap in container
   Comb or brush
   Tooth brush
   Down Vest
   Wool Scarf
   Camera & Film
   More Munchies

* NOTE: All Explores must have on a hat, mittens, coat and Waterproof footwear to participate in outdoor activities.

February Campout

James D. Corder

After being gone for over a decade, I will be taking my Explorer Post back to my olde summer camp. I am looking forward to the first campout of the new group of Explorers being at the camp I have so many fond memories of and that I served on staff for.

Remember: "When it is hog calling time at Camp Buckeye,..."

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Camp Longhorn

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