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Scouting The Web BRONZE Award Bronze Bronze is a Good website with an easy to navigate interface. Fast loading pages. Average amount of content. A few invalid links/under construction. A way to contact the Troop, Webmaster, Scouts, etc.

STWA does not give many bonus points for having Java Scripts/applets, music, or forms/CGI scripts on your site, since some users may not be able to use them and they take a long time to load on your visitor's computers.

Links to other sites do not count towards this award.

For more criteria please view our History page.

  • Must have a valid contact e-mail address.
  • The site should make Youth and Adults want to join your unit.
  • The site should be useful to its Scouters.
  • The site should have photos of youth in action.
  • The site should have a way to contact the webmaster.
  • The site should have unique content.
  • The site should have a way to contact the adult leaders.
  • The site should have a map to the location of the meetings.
  • The site should have a calendar of events, past and present.
  • The site should have a site map.
  • The site is mostly links to other sites.
  • The site can only be viewed with one browser.
  • The site can only be viewed "certain" software.
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