Scouting The Web Award, History!

The S.T.W.A. (Scouting The Web Award) is a part of the Non-Profit Organization "Scouting The Web". Scouting The Web is run by Scouts exclusively for Scouts as a FREE service.

The S.T.W.A. was started to promote "Quality" design within Scouting based web pages.

The award is given out to websites that are Scouting related only! S.T.W.A. Staff reviews the web site and checks for both Scouting content and technical merit by utilizing their Scoring Guide.

February 1998, Boy Scouts of America, Simon Kenton Council, Venturing Crew 369 offered to host the awards for the Scouting The Web Organization.

September 2004, started its move to The STWA came with it. We outgrew our old site. Currently we need an additional $100.00 a month to keep the site running. We would like to thank the Corder Group for thier support. Care to donate?

S.T.W.A. E-mails candidates' whos site has earned an award. We are sorry, that due to the number of sites nominated that we can no longer respond to all sites. Therefore, if a site is removed from the "Current Nominations" page and has not received the html code for their award then they did not receive an award. If the site has been bestowed such an honor they will be informed of the award and the level; Bronze, Silver, or Gold. The following is the criteria for the awards:

S.T.W.A.-Bronze | S.T.W.A.-Silver | S.T.W.A.-Gold | S.T.W.A.-Gold+

Sites are reviewed on an on-going bases. Judges meet (electronicly) on the last Tuesday of the month. The first week of the month, if any sites qualifed, awards are presented.

Mission Statement: The Scouting The Web Award (S.T.W.A.) is designed to promote the fundamentals of Scouting by setting a standard of high quality web sites. It is the goal of the S.T.W.A. to promote the growth of Scouting be setting higher standards for Scouting related web pages.

S.T.W.A. Beliefs: It is hoped that by utilizing S.T.W.A. recipients as a standard for Scouting Web Sites that Units will create higher quality pages and therefore successfully promote the growth of the Scouting Movement. Moreover, it is our hopes that better sites will promote membership grouth throughout the Scouting Movement.

Who may receive the Award: The S.T.W.A. is open to any Scouting Movement that is recognized by the World Brotherhood of Scouting.

Language: Though the S.T.W.A. is open to all World Brotherhood of Scouting organizations, over 95% of our judges speak English. Therefore, the site must be in English, or have an English translation.

Odds of earning the award:The odds of earning the S.T.W.A. are less than 2%. The majority of sites do not qualify. The S.T.W.A. feels it is better to present no awards than to give a site an award that did not deserve it.

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